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  1. I got the impression that the storyline might have been rushed because of Celeste having other committments. If not then it was just crappy writing.
  2. I have really tired of Belle lately. She used to be my favorite character but once the development story started she just seemed to lurch from one crisis to the next and fall deeper and deeper into self-pity. I know and understand that she has had reason to feel bad and struggling but...the way she has treated the people around her has just made me feel cold towards her. She messed Angelo around, she uses Aden as a crutch...she seems to look at everyone in terms of how they can help her. I really hope the writers are going to bring back the old Belle soon before they ruin her entirely.
  3. I wish Miles hadn't taken so long to realise he had a duty of care to Melody. Ok he went to Melbourne to look for her (I don't see that he had a choice as her guardian) but he let her float around for months, clearly self-destructing, and did nothing because he was too wrapped up with Kirsty. Had he paid more attention I don't think she would have become so out of control. I mean, she went from a strictly controlled environment to Miles letting her come and go as she pleased and manage everything on her own, that was never going to work. In a way, despite the emotional abuse, she was physically safer with her parents! In Miles' care she; smoked dope, ran in front of cars, hung out with strange boys and ended up on the streets! And the Foster Carer of Year Award goes to......not Miles. She needed a Sally End mini rant
  4. I liked Geoff and Melody for what they were as a couple at the time. There was a uniqness to both of their characters and their relationship was really sweet. However if they were to get back together they wouldn't be the same couple. Their naviety has gone for good and to be honest, Geoff's credibilty imo has gone too. I was thinking about this earlier and realised that if Melody and Geoff were to get back together they would become Mr and Mrs Jones!!! Melody has some really strong elements of her mother in her personality and I think would become the dominate personality in the relationship. Once she makes her mind up about something she becomes very determined. Meanwhile Geoff, like Mr Jones, just hovers around making faces and contributing very little to any situation. He only ever reacts after the fact and it is really Melody and Nicole who shape all of his storylines. So, i don't think Melody and Geoff would make a good couple anymore...or maybe I should rephrase that, I don't think they would make a healty couple. They might make good tv for a while though watching them morphy into the Jones's!! Having said that, I don't think I'd like to see them back together, but I don't like the Nicole/Geoff pairing either and given the choice between Geoff and Melody as they were or Geoff and Nicole now I think G/M made a more interesting couple.
  5. ^^^ Agree entirely. People don't have to like Melody, a lot of what she has done lately isn't likable behaviour. But I think it can be understood - not necessarily excused - by her upbringing. I don't think Melody has any grand plan to decieve everyone I think she is just being very self-obsessed at the moment and focused on what she wants. For the first time she is making her own decisions and I think she is largely left to her own devices. I know Miles tries but going from an environment where everything was so structured to life on Planet Miles...completely different. She is trying to make sense of everything, of who she is and what she wants. Unfortunately, her behaviour has been quite childlike in that she decided what she wanted and couldn't see any reason why she couldn't have it. You know how when a kid decides it wants a lolly or specific toy and they become really focused on it and nothing else will do? Melody isn't equiped either socially or emotionally to deal with life and here she is plonked into the world of teenage drama - falling for a guy she can't have. There is a manipulative side to Melody, which she has probably picked up from her mum, but I don't think there is any really malicious intent. I'm shocked, to be honest, by how easily people are throwing around the word "evil" in relation to Melody. That's a very strong description. Murderers are evil, people like that. A teenage girl who kisses another girl's boyfriend and gets drunk? If that constitutes evil then I think there is a very high percentage of teenage girls in that category! And another thing I find strange is while Melody is being demonised Nicole is suddenly a saint. I think Nicole can be a great character (if she loses Geoff) but I think a lot of the reason why so many support her is because of how she looks, and I don't want to get into that here, but it's typical that the one considered to be the most attractive gets the sympathy. Someone earlier compared Melody to Annie in terms of upbringing.....given the choice - Melody or Annie? I'd pick Melody any day as the better character. When did Annie generate so much debate? Like her or not at least Melody is interesting and sometimes I think it's the characters that do stuff you don't like that create the most enjoyment - how entertaining would the show be if every was nice and got on well? A show full of Annie and Geoffs!!!!
  6. Hey thats great! My sister got some more fancards. She got fancards from Jon, Paul and Amy. Paul and Amy's arrived on the same day. Amy wrote a nice little message. She also got a letter from Rachel Gordon. In the letter my sister wrote her she asked if Jaz will ever come back to Summer Bay and Rachel said that she loved playing Jaz and who knows maybe she will return to the bay some day!! Hope so! My sisters friend got a short note from Liz Alexander last week saying she really enjoyed playing Christine, that it was fun to play someone on the opposing side to everyone else and working with all of the cast was great. Has anyone EVER got a JQT fancard? Would love to see what the photo is like!
  7. Thats nice, what did he say? If you dont mind me asking!
  8. I'm going to get shot but...I don't like these two as a couple. I actually think they are the ultimate cliche. Opposites attract...isn't that always the story? Aden and Belle, Mattie and Rick...I don't see anything new about this storyline and I think it is part of the reason I've begun to dislike Geoff. He started as different and interesting - if judgemental and infuriating sometimes - but it showed him as someone who was his own person. He didn't feel the need to be like everyone else and I thought that showed a lot of strength of character. I thought him losing his virginity to Nicole on the island was a bit of a cop out but salvaged slightly by the followup with him insisting a "no more sex" rule and Nicole putting pressure on him, it was interesting to have the guy being the one pressured and it was interesting how some people took Nicole's side and thought Geoff was being selfish - if it was the other way around would people have been thinking "oh poor Geoff he just wants whats normal/natural..."? Now he's just "there" stuck between Nicole and Melody and not really doing anything. He could have prevented a lot of misunderstandings by making it clear to Melody from the beginning that he was definately not interested. As for the other half of this duo...I prefer Nicole to Geoff and think that she will eventually get bored with him. I can't, however, seem to muster much sympathy for Nicole, either for what Melody tried to do or the situation with her mother (even if she is a pathetic excuse for a mum!). I'm not sure why this is. Maybe because of the dislikes I have for them individually Geoff and Nicole as a couple, for me, is is predictable and dull. Nice boy/bad girl....he saves her and she shows him how to live...blah blah. Aden and Belle did it in reverse and much better imo.
  9. Maybe you need to be in the Australia network. Lolajaney, I think they're divorced. My aunt took my cousins to one of those Playschool live shows and afterwards she saw George Spartels with a woman who looked like a girlfriend (wasn't Liz)
  10. No...but it gave me a funny (or maybe disturbed) thought of Bartlett "poking" Kirsty
  11. Its a Facebook and I'm surprised that its public, although he probably wouldn't add fans. His friends on it seem to be all people he knows, Christie Hayes, Todd Lasance, Rachel Gordon etc and others who are obviously friends of his. Maybe he doesn't realise its public. I laughed when I saw that he is friends with Liz Alexander on it (at least I assume its her, her photo doesn't show) because I read on HAAC that someone said they are a couple I doubt its true. For some reason I'v had it in my head that he's gay
  12. It's a shame there are so many fake myspaces out there and facebooks too. There are a few different facebook pages for Mark Furze, I wonder if any are genuine? I know what you mean jdoddy, it makes them more accessable and more real and probably makes them more popular too. It shows they are just regular people and hopefully reduces the stalker temptation when they are open and friendly. It's funny to think of them leaving each other comments and stuff, I saw Bob Baines page (yes ok I was having a nosy look and he and Christie Hayes seem to be good friends judging by her comments.
  13. My sis finally got some more fancards, all arrived on the same day! She now has Lynn (Irene), Tessa, Todd, Conrad and Charlotte. She wrote to heaps of the others too.
  14. My sister is fuming because she and her bestfriend sent letters to a whole bunch of cast members at the same time and the only one she got back was from Lynn (Irene). Her friend has got fancards back from Charlotte and Lincoln and short letters from Rachel Gordon and Celeste (anyone know if she has a fancard?) all arrived last week. Do they reply to everyone or just select some at random?
  15. ^^ Ditto aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Brilliant!!
  16. My sister got a fancard from Lyn (Irene) yesterday. Still nothing from Lincoln or Charlotte. Anyone know how long it takes them to reply? She decided to write to Celeste and others too and maybe now that Melody is back she will get a reply.
  17. There is a fake myspace for Todd where whoever is behind it says he likes seeing photos of hot women or something like that - eugh sleaze! Can't they do anything about people using their names like that? Bob Baines has a facebook. Oh and has anyone seen the Facebook group for Celeste? It was obviously set up by her friends and there are pics of her. There is one pic and omg she looks so skinny and VERY far from her character Melody!
  18. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has written to Celeste (Melody)? My sister wants to write to her and a few others but someone said that because she is not a permanent character she won't get a reply. Anyone know if this is true? She also wants to write to Tessa James, Rachel Gordon and Liz Alexander but Rachel and Liz are gone now too so maybe there is no point. She wrote to Todd ages ago and got a reply last week, but it was just a fancard with the printed autograph. She has also written to Lincoln, Charlotte and Lyn (Irene) but got nothing back.
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