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Coca-cola Beach Base In Nz - Mark Furze

Guest mbi615

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Do you think you have got what it takes to be a star? Are you confident, mature and are happy hanging out with famous actors?

Then get to the Coca ColaBeach Base in Orewa Beach on Sat til Tues.

Johnny Barker (the killer from Shortland St!!) is shooting a short film with Mark Furze from Home and Away, and needs 500 extras for party scenes on the beach.

Party on the beach, Hotties, famous peeps, you could win a free Coke, being a star, and having fun!! What are you waiting for???

There are also auditions for featured extras too!

Get Spotted. Be a Star!

Orewa Beach Reserve

Sat 10th till Tues 13th Jan

10am - 4pm

Source: The Edge, www.theedge.co.nz

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I went yesterday, total awesomeness! I got free coke! Woohoo! :P:lol: But i got half way but there and realized my batteries in my camera were flat :angry: so i might go up there agen tomorrow or something to get some photos :D

Oh and Mark & Johnny are even hotter in real-life!! and i got their autographs :wub:

Did anyone else go??

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