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Story Title: Memories

Type of story: Medium fic

Main Characters: Belle and Aden.

Characters Mentioned: Nicole, Geoff and others.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Humor, Suspense and Drama mainly.

Does story include spoilers: Maybe, out of Aus

Any warnings: Maybe some L, SC, V, but very mild.

Summary: Belle and Aden are six years old, read there journey into adulthood as they are friends for life.

I will give you a sneak peek later. :lol:

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Shouldn't you be using the promotion thread that's around here somewhere. I don't think you can do what you did outside of that thread.

Why would I promote it, I'm in the process of posting chapter one. It will be later today....

Oh and symphony thanks for the message (posted 4 times LOL)

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Chapter 1

Belle and Aden first met when Belle’s parent Nadia and Michael was looking to buy a house at Summer Bay. They had recently moved from Cairns. Belle’s mother was a qualified psychologist and her father was a medical researcher. Belle was six years old and so was Aden. Larry Jefferies worked as a Real Estate agent and was the one who sold the Taylors their home in Summer Bay.

“Hello there, I’m Larry how may I help you?” Larry was in his 20’s, young and successful. He had a son named Aden who was six like Belle.

“Hello sir, my name is Nadia, this is my husband Michael and my daughter Belle” Larry glazed into the young brown eyes of Belle Taylor. Belle gave a quick cute smile. Aden was behind the desk drawing fast cars and rockets. He usually stayed home with his older brother Sean. But only just recently Larry’s ex-wife had taken custody of his oldest son. They were living up north, so Aden hardly ever spoke or saw his brother.

“Hi Belle, isn’t she adorable. My son is here with me at work too, his name is Aden. How old did you say she was?” He said politely smiling at the couple.

“Didn’t, she’s six” Nadia smiled back. “Oh so is Aden” Nadia and Michael were starting to think he had made him up as they couldn’t see Aden behind his desk. Larry started to feel the uncertain vibe being emitted off the couple, “Oh, he’s over here” Larry pointed behind the desk. The couple nodded still feeling a little uncertain. Larry decided to go behind the desk and grab him, so that he could introduce his son to Belle. “This is Aden” The Taylor’s tilted their heads “Aww, he’s so cute. Look at those baby blue eyes!” Nadia very gently pinched Aden’s cheek.

“I live a few blocks from the house you’re interested in. I remember reading a file on the computer; you inquired a little while ago about the house on Darling Street?” Larry directed them to sit on the chairs at his desk. “Yes we did, that’s great you have an incredible memory” Michael patted Larry’s back gleefully. While the parents of Belle and Aden discussed the property Belle and Aden played on the floor nearby.

“Hello, my name is Aden. What’s your name?” Aden pushed a toy truck on the ground.

“Belle.....................I like your name” Belle stuttered, her brown eyes locked with Aden’s eyes. “Can I play?” Belle reached for the toy car “I’m playing with it” Aden snatched it away from her. “It’s called sharing, I’ll tell on you!” Aden looked back at the ground, he didn’t care whether he was sharing his toy or not. “I won’t be your friend anymore” Belle snatched the car off him. “Hey! Daddy!” Aden cried out loud, Larry was so busy with Belle’s parents he didn’t stop filing out the paper work. “See, sharing isn’t so bad. Is it? If you come over my house I have a bazillion toys. I’ll share with you” Aden changed his mind, even though he was only six he took notice of how pretty she was. “Okay, you can play with it” Belle thanked him by hugging him

“Thanks you’re the bestest”. Just before Nadia and Michael gathered their belongings Belle and Aden were on the floor tickling each other. “Hey that hurts, stop” Aden was lying on top of her. “Ha-Ha, I got you” he continued tickling her. “Why don’t we play hide and seek?” Belle suggested laughing uncontrollably in pain. “Belle, it’s time to go!” Nadia stood up. “No mummy, I want to stay” The children tried to walk in the other direction when Nadia picked Belle up. “No! I wanna stay” she kicked her legs, desperately trying to get away. “Mummy! Daddy!” Belle burst into tears. “Don’t worry, we’ll see Aden later” Her father stroked her head. “No.....!!!” she screamed until they got in the car and drove away.

“We’re home” Nadia opened the door to their brand new home. Belle placed her hands on her hips and asked “When can I see Aden again?” Belle asked her mother impatiently “Soon love” she leant down and kissed her daughter. Two weeks had passed and neither Belle nor Aden had seen each other. Belle’s parents didn’t make an effort in finding out Larry’s phone number. If wanted to contact him again they thought that ringing his work was the way to go. “Mummy, look!” Belle pointed and then ran up to Aden. His father was stacking several packets of toilet paper into the trolley.

“Belle wait” Nadia yelled at her daughter. “Aden” Belle threw her arms over his shoulders “I’ve missed you so much” she gave him a little peck on the cheek. Aden felt embarrassed “Hi” he smiled at her. “Do you want to come over to my house now, it’s been like forever” Belle asked as her mother walked up behind her “Belle” she looked at her daughter disappointedly. “Hi mummy looks its Aden. Can he come over for dinner tonight?” Nadia felt a bit unconformable with being put on the spot, Michael wasn’t there with her to consult “Um, sure. If that’s alright with Aden’s dad” She smiled graciously at Larry “Oh that would be fantastic thanks” Belle jumped up and down clapping her hands “Yay”. From that point on Belle and Aden visited each other regularly developing a strong friendship. Larry had also developed a strong bond with Belle’s parents.

On day Aden was sitting on the floor of Belle’s bedroom, they were about eight years old now. “Belle, can I ask you something?” Belle dropped her blue crayon and looked at him thinking and then picked up a red crayon “Sure”. Belle coloured in her love heart and smiley faces “Why do some adults drink too much?” he asked as he stared blankly at her. “Drink too much of what?” she asked as she dropped another crayon. “Oh that yucky stuff, it smells really bad. It’s in a bottle. You know? You’re mum had some on your birthday” Belle looked at him for a second thinking “Oh yeah, that stuff. Yeah that’s gross” Aden crouched into a ball and started to cry “Hey what’s wrong?” Belle cuddled her best friend “Well, whenever he drinks it, he gets really mad and.......and.......” Belle’s hand trailed down his back “And what...?” he said quietly.

“He hits me...” his eyes were turning red. “Oh Aden, you have to tell someone. Tell my mum” Aden got up angrily and crossed his arms “No, don’t you dare tell your mum! This is a secret Belle, you can’t tell anyone!” Belle looked down at her feet “Well...I’m not suppose to lie.....” Aden stepped closer “Pinkie promise you won’t tell” he stuck his little finger out. “Okay” she wrapped hers around his finger and shook it. “You can’t stay here anytime you want, remember that” Belle spoke in a calm tone. “Thanks, you’re the greatest” he gave her a quick hug.

“Aden, son” Larry stumbled across the longue room holding a bottle of wine. “Dad no, stop” Aden curled into a ball on the floor, Larry began hitting him. “You’re stupid! Ugly, you never do anything right. You’re such a pain” he beat his son for several minutes. “I hate you” he yelled and ran towards the front door and then opened it slamming it shut. “Yeah well who needs you anyway!” he threw the bottle to the ground it shattered into a million little pieces.

“You can’t do this alone, you need to tell someone!” Belle urged Aden as they played the playstation. “No I don’t want anyone to know! How many times do I have to keep telling you this!” he shouted as he slammed the remote control on the floor. “Aden” she shouted back. “Belle, please” Aden begged. “If you don’t tell them I will” she snapped. “If you tell them, I’ll never speak to you every again” he yelled at her. “Alright, you win. But when you’re older enough you’re moving out!” Aden laughed “Don’t worry, I will” he smiled.

Aden had turned ten and the abuse continued. Aden always confided in with Belle, Aden slept over her house as many times as he could, avoiding his dad at night.

To be continued....

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