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Happy New Year 2009

Guest buffygirl

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huh, new yeah already, i was looking and looking for 2008, couldn't find it anywhere, WHERE DID IT GO! :blink:

gosh i hope this year doesn't go as quickly last year, because next yeaar i'll be in year 12 ... oh gosh..

I hope '09 is a great year for everyone, and better than '08

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Happy new year BTTB!

I've finally opened my 2009 "365 stupidest things ever said" calender: "It's time to put on the brakes and move forward." :lol:

New Years Resolutions:

1: Do better at University.

2: Finish my screenplay.

3: Get out more.

4: Get a girlfriend.

5: Buy some new shoes.

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2008 was about cyclical infinity. People I loved died, people I will love were born. This year is about balance. I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year. If something is weighing you down, try to lean in another direction so that you don't fall over :P

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Happy New Year Everyone!!

My to do list....

-get through 1st year law (2nd time around )

-Decide if i'll go and work in Oz next summer,

-think out getting myself a Boyfriend (I have been single for far tooo long)

-to continue to grow stronger as a christian, and to finally get baptised when I go home next

-and... To have fun, No matter what :D

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