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Lara Fitzgerald - Rebecca George


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I stick by my theory that she is the only half-way decent cop in the entire town, is it wrong that i prefur our guesties (Julie as well) over some of the regulars? I know some people have been a bit iffy on the whole pregnancy issue but :wub: it's better then giving her a promotion so we never get to see her again.

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Fitzy has got to be my all time favourite recurring character :D I don't know what it is but she seems a lot more interesting than some of the permanent characters. :P Do you ever think there will be a time when the powers that be make a recurring character permanent? Maybe we should start a petition!

However it isn't going to happen anytime soon seeing as Fitzy is pregnant and there is serious cop overload going on in the Bay at the moment!

I wonder if Rebecca George is actually pregnant and they needed to write this storyline in because of that.... <_< It was a little odd how she hasn't been in it for months then she appeared in one scene with Belle and was sitting down hiding behind the bed! Maybe they didn't have maternity police uniforms so they had to hide her! :P

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I think she's pregnant in real life because even though she was sitting behind the bed you could stil see she had a bump from the way her shirt was. I thought you could anyway!

I'd like her to be full cast to, although I like that they have background characters. It would be good if we got to know a bit more about them though, like so many of us were shocked when we found out Julie was a Mum!

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