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Under The Influence (by outandaboutwithlove) - comments


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Good Lord.

I was almost crying.

That was...amazing.

Evil Aden!

Aden looked over at Belle. Her brown hair was dampened as the rain fell onto her face and soaked her, dissolving her tears while she looked at him. She stared into those cold dark eyes, holding her there on the spot. Her tears, she could feel their sharpness, but she could only see his eyes. So dark and evil. Why didn't he get help? He could of fixed this ages ago. But no. They ended up staring at each other, both with tears, in the rain and him with his cold, glaring eyes. Belle wanted to run away, to run from him and to never see him again, but her feet would not respond. His eyes dragged her in and made her stay. He blamed her and she knew it. Aden looked at his girlfriend, knowing that he had hurt her deeply and she was never going to forgive him. He stared into her saddened eyes, eyes that showed anger and worry, but mainly fear. Fear of him.

That bit was brilliant writing. So descriptive. I could feel myself getting sucked in, seeing Aden's cold eyes, feeling Belle's wonder, fear, love.

Of course, it isn't that hard to feel love for Aden :lol:

Please, write more in bttb.net, I would love to read it.

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I don't know. I usually write but no-one takes interest, so my story's sort of just fade away before I can bother to post them. But this one, I was writing while listening to dark sort of music so it got me in the mood and that is how this story was made.

I will be writing alot more Adelle in the future.

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