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Scammer Kate Ritchie in on joke

Guest **Julie**

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Scammer Kate Ritchie in on joke

The Daily Telegraph

October 13 2008


WE can't see this Logie-winner being exposed for her dodgy dealings on TT or ACA, but Kate Ritchie's latest antics have landed her some air time on The Merrick & Rosso Show.

The radio babe reprised her role as Sally for a skit with her Nova co-hosts on this Thursday's episode of their Comedy Channel series, in which the former soap star tries to dupe tourists with her set-up Summer Bay tour guide.

Rolling up to a Kings Cross backpacker hotel, Ritchie and the lads managed to trick travellers into thinking they were being chaperoned about town by the small- screen star.

Although Ritchie's international fame proved a good foil, the smarts of the soap-watchers were tested when the jokers managed to sell one tourist some "real" Summer Bay sand.

Oh dear.

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Yay, I watched it :D I understand about the sand now... Mine is much nicer than that :P

Kate *points to some random on the street*: "Look, there's Toady!"

Tourist: "Isn't Toady from Neighbours?"

Kate: "Um, I'm the one who was on the show for twenty years. Toady is from Home and Away :rolleyes:"

And at the end of the tour:

Tourist: "Can you sign it 'from Sally'?"

Kate: "No, it's Kate."

Tourist: "Yeah, I know, but we know you as Sally."

Kate: "Look, I've worked hard to put all that behind me and people like you keep bringing it up again!"

Hehehe. Fun ^_^

And "Alf" lol.

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