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Former Australian Idol Levi Kareama's tragic death

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FORMER Australian Idol finalist Levi Kereama has died after witnesses said he leapt to his death from a high-rise Brisbane hotel.

The 2003 series contender had earlier performed at the Parklife music festival and was believed to be suffering from depression.

About 10.30pm last night police received calls to an inner city hotel that a man had jumped to his death in a suspected suicide.

Police arrived to find Kereama deceased after falling from the balcony of his upper-floor room .

When the 23-year-old jumped, hotel guests mistakenly believed they had seen furniture being thrown from the building.

"We thought it was like a computer desk or a coffee table or something being thrown out the window," Grace Pearce said.

Kereama rose to fame as a baby-faced contestant in the first series of the popular reality TV show, making the final 12 through a wildcard entry, before has was eliminated in sixth place.

His music career continued and he scored a record contract, releasing several singles in 2004.



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