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Recently there has been a lot of topics posted by 'Spambots' on the forum. A spambot is an automated computer program designed to assist in the sending of spam.

They enter the forum and advertise whatever they are associated with. The past few days we have had harmless topics promoting medication and such things, but we have also had topics being posted that contain illegal material. This material ranges from illegal TV/Film/Music downloads to underage pornography.

We are asking you to help us out here. There are rarely more than two moderators on at the same time seven days a week, so it's hard for us to keep track of these topics. If you see any unusual topics that are posted by members with unusual usernames, please do contact a moderator immediately.

The topic title is the biggest giveaway of a spambot. The titles usually don't make grammatical sense. For example, the other day we had a topic posted by a spambot labelled "I ask the help" and another which made sense but was quite odd "little red riding hood". Please do not enter these topics. They may contain pornography and we don't want the (younger) members to be subjected to this. PM an online Moderator with the location of the suspicious topic title immediately. If you find yourself in one of these topics (we hope you don't venture in!), report the topic by clicking the 'report' button on the bottom-left corner. A report will be sent to ALL moderators, online or not.

We would like to thank all the members for their patience with this. Every few months the forum gets 'attacked' by these computers and it is very frustrating. So thank you everybody for being so patient about it. We, the staff, are pulling our hair out in the Staff Room because we are so fed up with them. :P

Happy posting!

~ BttB Staff :)

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Yesterday!!!there was a tread of "Teen sex "or something...

...was really in shock! didn't expect to see this here!so thanks for removing it so fast!

Was it from a member?Hope you've also removed that psycho!!! :blink:

We are unsure if these are computers or members. We are trying to upgrade the to latest version of software which has improved security against spambots. So hopefully that will stop it!

When the spam topics are deleted, we disable the member's posting ability. They can never post again. :)

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