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I don't like Melody's character but i have to say i think Celeste Dodwell is a very talented actress, she partly over plays things but i think that's more Melody's character who over reacts (not refurring to the Axel situation here.)

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Can I just opine here?

OK. I read Mistified's original post, and TBBH, I have no problems with him/her opining that Melody "looks like a wet fish with messy hair" or however it was put. Whilst I may not agree with him/her, I will defend to the death his/her right to hold that opinion. However, had he/she said that about Celeste, THEN it would be a problem, as you are insulting a real, living person. However, as he/she was insulting a fictional character, I see no harm in what he/she wrote, and I would kindly ask Lynd to point out what he/she thought was so offensive about the original post.

Anyway, enough from me. Hate away! :)

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^ But that's not what I said. I said Melody is a wet fish, which means her character is someone with no substance or depth (in my opinion). She also needs to brush her hair, or get it out of her face. I don't have any opinion on what Celeste does with her hair because I've never seen her out of character.

I wasn't sure but I thought Lynd's only problem could have been that I said I thought Melody deserved her mother. Rather than create unintentional controversy I thought I'd better delete it. I'm not one for rows on this forum.

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