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Luke Jacobz/Angelo Rosetta

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Just thought i'd start this appreciation thread for the lovely Luke Jacobz aka Angelo, the newest cop to grace our screens.

Even though we havn't really seen a lot of him, I like him already...He was really lovely with Belle both yesterday and today. I hope they become friends - but NOTHING MORE!!! i think he and charlie go well together - Roman needs to stop the cr*p with her (admittedly he has had a bit of a full plate recently but meh).

Back to the point, from what i've seen so far I like the bloke!!

there are spoilers that he arrests belle after she tries to stop some development somewhere - so hopefully Bangelo will never happen!

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Sign me up... I just love Angelo! :D

He's refreshing to watch, as he's a happy, fun-loving and charming character, and it seems he comes with no secrets, dramas or issues (well atm anyway!). He very much has a Vinnie-esque vibe to him and makes me smile everytime he's onscreen.

I don't want him paired with either Charlie or Belle, as I just love CaR and Adelle together. I know Charlie is neglected by Roman, but Roman does have like a gazillion things going on, once he sorts himself out, i'm sure he'll realise how he's treating Charlie and sort things out there. Also i'm happy that Adelle have been split up, so Aden has a chance to deal with his issues alone, but i'm hoping for a future reunion with Belle. So a Belle/Angelo rebound thing is just a big NO!

I'm happy to see Belle&Angelo as friends, I think Belle needs some friends, now that Mattie, Cassie etc. have all gone, and I think a friendship between these two would be good.

Anyway I love the 'supercop'. He's got a great personality and looks very hot in that uniform. :wub:

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Hell yes, sign me up. I know it's shallow but I think he makes that uniform look better than Jack (oh god did I really just say that? :unsure:)

Don't think he should be paired up with anyone just yet, although I do like his friendship with Belle. Not sure if it shoud go further and no, not because I'm an Adelle fan (quite the opposite) but because he needs to settle first before they throw him into relationship dramas.

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I like him, he's so lovely and charming, and I don't mind if Belle dates him for a while, as long as she doesn't lead him on and make him think it could go anywhere *cough*MarthawithMichaelandRoman*cough*. Otherwise if they just stay friends that would be cool too. Charlie should definitely date him to give Roman a bloody wake-up call, and if Roman isn't interested I'm sure Angelo would make her very happy. It's nice having some new male eye-candy since Ric left.

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Me thinks Angelo needs to come to the rescue and get his gear off more often!

Me have to agree with you an that note. Ofcourse all part of the duty as the 'supercop'!

Of course!I wouldn't want to corrupt a cop,he might arrest me :wink: .

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