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Luke Jacobz/Angelo Rosetta

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Oh Angelo, Angelo, Angelo, I'm actually feeling sorry for you right now.

I mean, you did go to cop school didn't you?? Can't you see the evidence right in front of your face? Your girlfriend is hung up on her ex. What are you doing???

You do actually deserve better!

Sorry, I just had to get that out! :wink: Its weird, I didn't like Angelo at all when I was watching at Oz pace on YT, but now that he's arrived on our actual TV screens here, I'm actually really liking him & can see why people were saying he was funny & cute! He really is! But he seriously needs to realise Belle is on the rebound & that she would be better off on her own, & he would be better off finding someone who's actually ready for a relationship.

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I just thought I'd revive this thread to say...we actually found out something about Angelo the other night- he's 26! :D

*shakes fist at Belle* You better break up with him soon...he doesn't deserve to be hurt by you.

Angelo is so sweet i do not want him to get hurt :wub:

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