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Luke Jacobz/Angelo Rosetta

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his little package before the dance was hilarious. Especially the bit about taking smile lessons from Stefano. :P

He is just so awesome. :wub: I love watching his package before each dance, it's always so funny. Finally they didn't pick on anything, the face, the smile, the tongue, everything was just great and his dance was fantastic.

I love Luke, he always makes me smile. :D I just hate that he is being wasted on H&A with that whole love triangle saga. Please, please, please writers give him something better to do, he deserves it.

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Spoilers for those who don't live in Oz or don't watch HAA on Youtube

It was sad in 4721, poor Angelo- Belle was so mean on so many levels like when Angelo was like I was thinking of ways to make it up to you (When he wasn't in the wrong to begin with!! and she had a hissy fit because he didn't do her bidding. Then in the Pier Diner he seemed so down (So down that when Colleen said his name wrong (which is soo cute, I love Colleen) it was like he didn't have the energy to correct her (granted he did but it was

:( ) although it could of been that he was about to risk his job..again). Plus Jack made him do all that paper work and Belle didn't even care. Not that I hate Belle, I love her but grrr!!!

Angelo needs some who cares about him, why does he go for the girls that he can't have/keep, it makes my heart break for him....maybe thats his evil plan XD

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Angelo needs somebody who treats him right! It's obvious that Belle isn't really into him

she's still in love with Aden judging from tonights episode

, and he's such a charming and wonderful character that, I too, would like to be explored more than just for Aden/Belle drama. He needs a better storyline, dammit!

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As much of a jealous tool Angelo was acting like during the whole court case this week, I can't help but feel sorry for him. All he is trying to do is the right thing and from what we know he's a super nice guy, and it's still not good enough for Belle. After todays ep its so clear the Belle is still in love with Aden, she even says it.

I really hope he doesn't get screwed over too much by this love triangle, cause he's a really great and interesting character. I hope we find out more about his background soonish.

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