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Charlie Buckton Appreciation

Guest Jonno

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Charlie did not make the best first impression, but I am really warming up to her now, she is showing a lot of vulnerability and that sharp shooting exterior we saw at the beginning was a front. She is really one of the good guys. I like her a lot. And she is hot :D

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just watched todays episode and decided to came in here to say that i really like Charlie now.

Sorry love Roman but he treated her badly and he now realised what he is missing.

I really didnt like her when she first came to the bay but i want her and Angelo.

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When Charlie first came i could see her point of view with the Morag/Ross relationship so I wasn't ever against her. But in my eyes lately she's got more screentime or the screentime she has just sticks in my mind more.

I would have liked her to give Roman more of a run around but I still ship them.

I loved when she commented on the lead in the book that was good.

The friendship between Angelo/Charlie is another aspect I like which I hope they keep. Their date turned out to be more of a heart to heart about Charlie's feelings.

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