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Tonight Tonight (by maccaz) - comments


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"Well, I have you to thank for giving me a fresh start, Irene. My adopted parents stifled me. However, you gave me room to flourish, to grow - and I'll always be grateful to you."

That was my favourite line :).

I love it and cannot wait for you to update :)

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awww, no sex before marriage, it would be cute if not for Aden's past....

this is a good fic, I like it, was hoping that it was all up so I could read it and be all hehe I missed out of the cliff hanger...

but you have no remorse :lol: (P.S joking) you just leave to keep me hanging, not that I mind. Nice to see a happy story, which will stay happy... right?

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Have a cookie.

This was great, I loved all of it. Awww Justin and Aden had made up, yay and isn't Aden clever to work out its Belle fav song XD.

You just write so well, Aden finally over came his fear of sex and bang! baby time (maybe a sequel).

I also loved Irene giving Belle away (out of context that would sound so weird) but it totally suited the character and I hope that the writers follow your example if they ever marry Belle off (To Aden as well or else I will sit here and be mad... (not at you, at the writers on HAA)

Awesome fic, well done.... more?pretty please

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