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Roman & Charlie Appreciation Thread

Guest matticus01

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Here's me joining the CaR :wub: Appreciation Thread.

I think they are great together. Mature, understanding and patient with each other. That's quite unheard of in Summer Bay. They better not ruin this with constant drama, like JM and Adelle have thrown at them each week. I love them like this, it's refreshing to watch.

So... yeah... um... I heart them too. :D

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I think they have a great dynamic and unlike most Summer Bay couples, they are actually honest with each other and totally mature about the realities of their relationship.

WOW :)

Makes me so happy I started this thread now :D

Yes I agree with everyone. . .

Jack should leave them alone . . .

And they are so open and honest with each other, it's like nohting i've ever seen before . . . :wub:

Makes me smile all the time when they are together

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