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The 1998 Bayside Diner Revamp

Guest Perry

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I thought that this was great and was my favourite Diner set but it didn't last long. Does anybody know why they burnt it down? Was it just for the storyline? Or because they couldn't use the location anymore? I thought the tables were set up brilliantly and was easily accessible the only problem was the kitchen being far away from the cash register. I never liked the Beachside Diner set as it was too drab. I really wish they can improve the Pier Diner make it more like the Bayside.

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I've always thought that they destroyed the Bayside diner and crushed the Stewart house just to throw as much tragedy in Ailsa's path as possible, before she died. But they probably destroyed both of them because the new diner would be a hybrid of both a house/diner. Damn them, the Stewart house was brilliant, as was the diner, new sets just can't compare.

Though I do prefer the 1989 diner over the blue design and colour scheme, it still isn't half as bad as the following three. I just realised we've had THREE different diners in less than six months! :o

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