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Jai a.k.a Jordan Rodrigues Appreciation Thread

Guest stephyrose4

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As we all know there's a new guy on home and away 'Jai'. I just thought I would start a thread on him, As he is a regular now.. And there will be lots of scene's of him soon.

I thought he did some excellent acting the other night, Even tho he didn't say much. :lol:

So I just wanted to see if he had any fan's yet :)

And he is so cute aswell ! :P

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He does not look 18 :P

No he does not, nor does he sound 18, thank god lol. I was worried when I saw some of the early photos of him, cause he is a good looking kid, but seeing him in action it's more than obvious that he IS a kid... all be it an interesting and charismatic one, but I think I should be safe with liking him, just not in THAT way :P

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