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Nicole Franklin Appreciation

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Just thought I'd start and appreciation thread for Nicole. I know its a bit early, but I'm really looking forward to her arrival. I hope she stirs up lots of trouble in the Bay. From the looks of the latest spoilers, she has both Geoff and Aden wrapped around her little finger. I am definitely liking the sound of her. I really hope that starting this thread doesn't bite me in the backside if I end up hating her.

I love Nicole, she's great :)

but..... leave Geoff alone and like, go for Aden instead :P

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I quite like Nicole, she's quite mischievous and I like that in a character, thing is usually that fades pretty quickly, which would be a shame for Nic. Otherwise I don't know what to say, I think she still needs a chance to develop.

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Nicole seems like such a feisty character, it will certainly be interesting to see how she develops.

She's done a little developing in recent times, apologizing to Leah etc. But she hasn't seemed to have lost that edge you mentioned, lets hope she keeps it a little longer then some of the other pacified teens from the bay.

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