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Nicole Franklin Appreciation

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^ LOL at the jeans comment!

Era, I see no harm in the age gap; she's probably more mature than most 17/ 18 year olds anyway, from being on the show ; having a fulltime job that requires her to show so much maturity etc, and, as I always say - age is just for tombstones :-)

Sad about the smoking ok though; always think it's a pity to see youngsters lighting up.

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I saw this picture, and I know it's none of my business, but it kind of disheartened me. She's too young to smoke :(

And she goes out with a 28 year old!



It disturbs me most that her jeans are two different colours :lol:

lol the jeans are funny , shes a smoker ... thats a bit of a surprise and yeah some people like older guys especially when they are around 17 and 18 we like to experiment

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