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Nicole Franklin Appreciation

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i am really starting to like nicole

im in nz so im not up to aus and i really only watch the belle + aden scenes on youtube but from what i have scene of her i really like i really hope her and geoff get together

and woooah that elliot dude is reallyyyyyy short!!!!! geoff is sooo much hotter!!

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Nicole's definitley a favourite now. It took a little while but I think she's fantastic, especially now that I can see a strong bond between her and Roman forming. I've always thought Tessa was a fantastic little actress and I was just watching this clip of her playing Anne on neighbours, you realise how talented she really is being able to convey two polar opposite roles so realistically. I remember thinking that they had actually hired someone blind to play the part when she first appeared.


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Yes and when Tessa first appeared on H&A half the neighboursfans expected her to get out her cane and start tappping around, there were posts about it, that's how good she was at playing the role, Anne was such a great character but so different to Nicole, I love them both :wub:

SBO online today: Nicole's diary talks about how happy she is that she got to know Roman.


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