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He's Mine!

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Okay. Don't laugh. I know I've only just started my other fic but I REALLY WANT to start this one now. I've got two others in my head and they will be put up soon! So...hope you like it.

Title: He's Mine!!!

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Tasha & Robbie

Type Of Fic: Long I think. However it will have a two-month hiatus at one point when I go overseas for a nice long holiday :) I hope to continue it on for a long time.

Rating: T

Any Warnings:Possibly bad language and SC



Summary: Well, here we go. Everything is peaceful in Summer Bay. Martha & Jack are happily together. Tasha & Robbie are in the USA, happily married. Tasha & Robbie return with a baby on the way...and the drama starts......

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The sun streamed through the window and Martha stretched out and rolled over. There was her gorgeous partner Jack, still asleep and snoring slightly. “Oi! Wake up, lazyhead!” she said into his ear. “Mmmphble,” Jack murmured. “You’ll be late for work,” wheedled Martha. She bit his ear. “Mphmbbble!” Jack angrily mphmmbbled at her, and put a pillow over his head.

Martha sat on his back and hit him repeatedly with a pillow. Jack just mmphmbbled again. “Okay, that’s it,” Martha whispered to herself. In her Snoopy pyjamas she quietly crept into the kitchen, and filled a glass up with water. Creeping back in to the room she put the water on the bedside table and sat on Jack’s back again. Jack mmphhmbled angrily at her but she started massaging his shoulders, and he relaxed. Then, with a lightning-quick movement, she grabbed the water and poured it down his neck.

Jack started up angrily. “Now you’re going to get it, McKenzie!” he yelled. Martha screamed happily and ran to the kitchen, Jack, very much awake now, followed her, grabbed her from behind, and lifted her up in the air as if she was a child. He held her upside down and gave her a kiss, all her long dark brown hair getting in the way rather. Martha grinned at him and Jack flipped her over backwards and dropped her on the couch behind them, her landing with a thud and a little scream.

“I shall make some pancakes now,” Jack said solemnly, and Martha cracked up laughing. She and Jack had a wonderful relationship. They’d been together for about six months, and it had been the happiest time of her life. Everything was going peacefully and calmly in Summer Bay, there had been no stalkers, no huge relationship blow-ups, nothing. In fact, Mattie & Ric were engaged, and Martha was to be one of the three bridesmaids. The wedding was in two weeks, and Martha, along with the other two bridesmaids, Belle & Cassie, had picked out her beautiful dress. Life had been brilliant for Martha McKenzie.

But that was the end of her peaceful time, for a while. Soon to come was a lot of drama, which poor Martha didn’t suspect at all. Martha eyed up her gorgeous husband, making pancakes, with his strong, muscly arms, and tanned back. Jack sensed her eyes on him and whipped around. “You checking me out?” he demanded, and Martha giggled. “But of course…” and she grinned at him.

“Don’t distract me,” Jack said sternly.

“Oh no,” said Martha, in a posh voice, “you’ve got much more important things to worry about.”

“Yep,” said Jack sadly. Martha was about to ask what was wrong before he brought a pancake over to her, drenched in honey and lemon. “Sweet and sour, just like my lady.”

“Oi,” said Martha. “That’s pure sweet to you!”

“The pancake or you?”

“Me, ya goit!”

Jack rolled his eyes. “Women. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.”


2 hours later Martha was at work, dressed in a cute little pink T-shirt and black ruffly skirt. It was really busy and she was constantly serving people. Cassie was helping, but there was always a line. As Martha poured smoothie after smoothie after smoothie, she noticed a face that seemed wonderfully familiar…

“TASHA!!” she screamed, and ran out from behind the counter to give her blonde-haired friend a huge hug. Tasha hugged her back and leant back.

“Mac! You look great!” Tasha grinned.

“Wha…what’s happening…I thought you and Robbie were in the USA?”

“I love it when we bamboozle you,” a droll voice said from behind Tasha. Martha craned her neck. “Robbie?” she asked.

“The very one! Give us a hug girl!” And Robbie, the same old Robbie, with his ruffly brown hair, glasses and funny smile, hugged Martha tightly.

“I’ve missed both of you SO MUCH!” squealed Martha.

“I know, we’ve got so much to tell you,” Tasha smiled.

“Well, I have to work right now,” said Martha, looking reluctantly at the long line and Cassie frantically serving people.

“Hi Cass!” called Tasha. Cass ran over and gave both of them a hug.

“Martha, if you and Tasha and Robbie want to catch up then I can handle the rest of the shift on my own,” Cassie said, after she had swapped greetings with the returnees.

“Oh, Cass, it’s flat-out, I wouldn’t want to do that to you,” Martha smiled.

“Don’t worry, there’s only about twenty more minutes of our shift, and Colleen will take over.”

“Oh…okay, if you’re sure.”

“Yes, Martha.” Cassie grinned, squeezed Tash’s hand and went back to the counter.

Martha, Tasha and Robbie sat down at a table, and each ordered a piece of carrot cake. Martha looked happily at her friends. They were as happy a couple as her and Jack, obviously. Tasha & Robbie’s fingers were interlaced and Tasha was leaning against Robbie’s shoulders. Martha leaned forward and grinned. “So you two look pretty cosy.”

“Yeah, we’ve been having the time of our lives in America,” Robbie said.

“America’s made me a hippie, and Robbie’s been fine with it,” laughed Tasha.

“I noticed you looked a little different,” smiled Martha. Tasha’s clothes were a lot looser and free-er than her old ones, and the front strands of her lovely blonde hair were braided and beaded. “So how’s that working out for you, Tash?”

“Great!” Tasha grinned. “I joined Greenpeace in America, and went for a ride out in a boat to stop a big whaling ship.”

Martha’s mouth dropped open. “I didn’t know they still did whaling in America…”

“Well, they don’t,” Tasha replied, “but they were trying to get a big whale for scientific research.” Tasha shook her head in disgust.

“Did you stop them?” Martha asked eagerly.

“Yep! They backed right down.”

“Good on ya girl!”

“Hey, I think I’m getting a bit left out here…” protested Robbie.

“Oh, sorry, Robbie, your turn to talk!” Martha grinned.

Robbie cast a cheeky grin at Tasha. “Should we tell her, my darling?” Tasha nodded.

“What?” Martha asked curiously.

“Guess.” Tasha folded her arms.

“Three guesses,” put in Robbie.

Martha had a feeling she knew what it was, but she decided to lead them on. “Ummm….” (pretending to think about it) “You won the lotto?”

“No!” squealed Tasha, looking delighted.

“Ummmmmmmmmmmm…Robbie’s just got the leading role in a movie?”

“No,” said Robbie sadly. Martha giggled as she remembered the advertisement incident.

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm…Oh! I’ve just thought! You’re having a baby?”

“Yes!” cried Tasha.

“I knew all along,” giggled Martha.

“You cruel thing,” said Robbie. By now they were all laughing uncontrollably. Martha got up and hugged Tasha. “I can’t wait to be called Auntie Mack!” she cried.

A group hug followed in which Tasha and Martha burst into tears. Robbie looked at them weirdly.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing,” sobbed Tasha. “I’m just…so…happy!”

“So am I!” squealed Martha and they kept crying on each other’s shoulders.

“Women!” Robbie rolled his eyes. “Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.”

“That’s what Jack said this morning,” laughed Martha.

“Well, it’s true!” protested Robbie.

“How far pregnant are you, Tash?” Martha asked, putting her hand on her friend’s stomach.

“Nineteen weeks. The bump’s starting to show.” And Tasha pulled her loose shirt tight at the sides, revealing the baby bump.

“Ooh! It kicked!” Martha said excitedly. Robbie smiled lovingly at his wife. “Thought of a name for it yet?” Martha asked.

“Nope. Hoping you could help us with it,” Tasha said.

“I think…Martha has a nice ring to it, don’t you?” joked Martha.

Robbie pretended to box her ears. Everyone sat down again.

“So how long are you staying in Summer Bay?” Martha asked, looking hopefully at her friend.

“We’re moving back,” Tasha said.

“Yes!” whooped Martha. “So where are you staying?” she asked.

“Irene’s taking us in for a while until we can find a place,” Robbie replied. “We had to bind her to secrecy to everyone, until we arrived.”

Martha nodded. At that moment Alf came along,

“Martha! Martha love, where…” He noticed Tasha & Robbie. “Well stone the flamin’ crows if it isn’t Tasha & Robbie!”

“ALF!” yelled Tasha and ran to hug him.


By the end of the day everyone had greeted the newcomers and been excited about the baby. It was nine thirty and Jack, Martha, Robbie & Tasha were sitting in Jack & Martha’s apartment. They’d all had quite a bit of wine, except for Tasha, who had only had a small glass as she wanted to stay healthy for the baby. Martha had her legs hooked over Jack’s, and had her head resting on his shoulder, and Tasha & Robbie were cuddled up.

“Now we can all be best friends like the old days,” Tasha smiled.

“Just like the old days,” repeated Jack. He bent down and kissed Martha. The kiss went on for a while and Robbie complained. “Get a room!”

“Just like the old days,” Martha said again.

“You’re right there,” said Robbie.

If only they knew how much it was NOT going to be like the old days…

Hope you like it. Sorry it's so short xxx

No preview as I haven't even properly planned the story yet. Please comment.

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wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)

interesting start Meggie ;)

although i dont like the fact that you put Matilda and Ric are getting married <_< (GO MATTIE AND LUC)

anyway's...update soon... :lol:

realli soon...

like now

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Hi Meg. I've never liked any of these characters much, BUT I think your fic is good, interesting and clearly set out [and we writers should stick together :wink:] Just think, you might be able to convert me to liking these characters :o

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It's a good start, Meg! :D

I loved the interaction between Martha and Jack. :wub:

There's just one little thing which doesn't seem right. Tasha's only 3 weeks pregnant and she has a baby bump and the baby already kicked. I think 3 weeks would be too soon for that to happen.

Looking forward to reading more. :D

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It's a good start, Meg! :D

I loved the interaction between Martha and Jack. :wub:

There's just one little thing which doesn't seem right. Tasha's only 3 weeks pregnant and she has a baby bump and the baby already kicked. I think 3 weeks would be too soon for that to happen.

Looking forward to reading more. :D

I had a feeling that three weeks was way to early...

But I will edit the post and change it, if you like :)

I'm just a stupid little girl who's never been pregnant so don't mind me :D

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