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Who is best for Martha

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best guy for Martha  

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I love Jack and Martha, and i have always wanted them to be together. And frankly, they will always be my fav couple.


I went with Roman. Roman brings out a side of Martha we hardly ever see. She is always so happy, and smiling. And thats the Martha i love to see :)

I wish they were more long term, but we all know she'll end up in Jacks arms again :rolleyes: Ah well, then i'll go back to shipping Jack and Martha :P

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Ash. Yeah, he had kids and a wife, but he seemed like he really cared and loved her.

I didn't like the guy, but I do believe he cared for her in his own strange way.

Jack, of course. Martha can be happy with him. They've both matured enough to make the relationship work this time.

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Roman. Martha's always smiling when she's with him and he's more stable then Jack ever was. And there's no way that Ash and Cam were good for her. Cam was a creep and used her, Ash lied and a relationship can't be built on a lie. Michael I have no opinion on, but I feel that Martha sort of used him to forget Jack. And Roman's more stable than Jack, therefore I went with Roman :D

EDIT: And the relationship with Jesse was stupid, so definitely not him.

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