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Will They Ever Be Happy Again

Guest KatieroxNZ

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Ok guys this is my first fic, so I’m sorry if it is really bad.

I've posted it on HAAC,So i thought i'd post it on here

As I’m sure you can guess I love Jack & Martha so I thought I’d do it on them.

Story title: Will they ever be happy again

Type of story: Long fic

Main charaters: Martha & Jack

BTTB rating: G/T

Proof read: No

Spoilers: No

Any warnings: Will post through out

Summary: Jack and Martha have got back together but will they stay together this time?

Will they ever be happy again

Chapter 1

Martha was sitting on the beach, staring out at sea when she heard someone come and sit next to her. She didn’t turn to see who it was, she new instantly it was the ever so sweet Jack Holden. Finally Jack started to talk, “Look I know I stuffed up again but I truly didn’t mean to forget about on date its just” but he was cut off by Martha “Jack its not about that, you promised me that if we got back together you wouldn’t do this to me again” Jack tried to talk but Martha stopped him she said “Jack I know you love me, I love you to but this is just like when we first got married. Come and find me when you want to talk I’ll be at Noah’s till 6:00pm” Leaving Jack deep in his thoughts Martha slowly walked away.


Later that day Jack had a brilliant idea, his chat Martha’s had really got him to think about his priorities, and his number one was Martha. He had sent Martha a txt saying Be ready at 6:00pm sharp, be prepared to be amazed. Love Jack xxxx. Jack was pretty sure his idea was going to work; After all he did put a lot of thought into it. He had decided to do something extravagant to prove to Martha that he isn’t a complete waste of space. He had asked Alf if he could have the Blaxland for the night, he had ordered yummy food and even a bottle of champagne. Now all he needed was Martha.


Next Time:

Will Jack’s plan work, Or will it be a disaster?


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Warning may not be suitable for younger viewers!!

Here's the next chapter guys


Chapter 2

Later that night

It was now 5:30pm Jack was almost ready, he was dressed in a suit and according to Mattie he looked very handsome. Alf had let Martha off an hour earlier; after he accidentally slipped that with what Jack had planned for her she properly didn’t want to go in her Noah’s uniform. So Martha had decided to wear her green dress, it was Jacks favourite. It was 6:00pm on the dot and the doorbell rang Martha smiled to herself and thought “maybe he really has changed”. As soon as she opened the door, she was surprised to see Jack standing there in a suit; Jack was equally surprised to see her standing there in his favourite green dress. “You look gorgeous” Jack said “You don’t scrub up bad yourself” she added with a giggle, “You ready to go” he asked “Ready” she said.


Jack & Martha had arrived at the boat wharf, Martha was very surprised to see the boat lit up with candles and rose petals scatted down the boat wharf “It’s beautiful” she said “Thanks, I went to a lot of trouble as I’m sure you can see” he added with a smirk, “Actually I’m quite proud of myself” he said with his ever so charming smile. “Shall we go inside” he asked “Yes please” she said with a soft smile. They were now inside, “So what do you think” he asked her “very sweet” she said. “Would you like some wine” “Yes please, you even got my favourite”, He poured them both a glass of wine, “A toast” he said “To new beginnings” “Cheers” they said in unison, after they had eaten the lovely meal that Jack had made they went and sat down on all the cushions Jack had prepared. They talked about all the good times they had together and what the future holds for them, eventually Jack planted a soft kiss on Martha’s delicate lips, she returned the kiss instantly. They pulled away from each other and looked into each others eyes, “I love you” Jack said “I Love you too” Martha added and they sealed their love with another meaningful kiss.


Next Time:

Martha & Jack are back together but will it last?

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Chapter 3

1 week later

Jack walked into Noah’s and wrapped his arms around Martha “Hey you” he said “Hi” she said, “So how’s your day being so far” he asked her “Oh it’s being ok I guess” but Jack didn’t believe her “Hey, what’s really going on” he said. “It’s nothing really, It’s just I haven’t been feeling very well today that’s all” she said honestly “Maybe you should go and she Rachel and get checked out” he said “Yeah maybe, I might feel better later” “Ok but don’t work to hard, I have to get back to work. I get off at 5:00pm I’ll come and pick you up” Ok, love you” she said “Love you too” he said giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, then walking out of Noah’s.


5:00pm that night

Jack had finished work and was now heading to pick up Martha from work, he walked into Noah’s. Martha was just wiping down some tables “Hey you, ready to go” he asked “Yep sure just give me a few more seconds to finish this” she said “Ok now I’m ready lets go”. “You still feeling sick” he asked he with a concerned look on his face, “Yeah a little bit, I’ll go and see Rachel tomorrow if it will make you feel better” “Ok I hope nothing bad is wrong” he said “I’m sure, I’m fine” she said. Jack placed a small kiss on her forehead. Nothing more was spoken the whole way home they just walked.


Next Time:

Is something bad wrong with Martha?

If so how will Jack take the news?

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Chapter 4

The Next morning

Jack had woken up early as he had work, he snuck out and went and had a shower. When he go out of the shower Martha was up, “Morning, I tried not to wake you” Morning, and no you didn’t wake me I was already awake”. “Ok that’s good you still feeling unwell” “Up yeah a little bit, I’ll ring Rachel later and make an appointment. If it will make you feel any better” she added with a cheeky smile. “Yep that make me feel much better, Ok I have to get to work, but I’ll see you later” he gave her a quick kiss on the lips and walked out of the house.


Later that day

“Hey Rach, I was wondering if I could make an appointment, because I’m not feeling very well” “Yeah sure Martha, I have a free space at 3:00pm if you want to come in” “Thanks Rach, that would be great. Bye”. It was now 3:00pm and Martha had just walked into the hospital, “Hi Martha, come in” “Hey Rach” “Ok just lie on the bed for me, and will take some tests” “Thanks Rach, um how long before I get the results” “Well they should be ready later today if you would like to wait” “Ok I’ll wait but I hope it wont take to long”. Later that afternoon Rachel walked into the exam room “Well Martha I have your results, the tests have shown…………………….”


Next time:

What wrong with Martha? :unsure:

How will she take the news? :o

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Chapter 5

Rachel's exam room

“Ok Martha the result have shown that you are actually 6 weeks pregnant, congratulations” she said “Oh wow” she said in shock “So how are you feeling lately” Rachel asked “Um, I’ve been feeling a bit weird but I didn’t expect to be pregnant” she said honestly.

”Ok well go home and tell Jack, and remember plenty of rest” she said with a smile “Yeah ok thanks for everything Rach, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of you in the future” she said rubbing her hand protectively over her stomach.


Martha had decided that she would wait till Jack got home from work to tell him the good news. “Hi Hun, I’m home” Jack yelled through the house. “Hey you” she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, “I’ve made dinner” she said “Mmmmmm, I’m starving” he said with a smile on his face. All they way through dinner Martha had a huge smile on her face, and Jack couldn’t work out why. Until Martha said “I have some exciting news, Jack you might want to sit down” “Ok well I went to see Rach today, as you know, and the test have shown that…………….”


Next time:

How will Jack take the news?

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