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Behind The Scenes (Part 3)

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Story Title: Behind the Scenes

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Entire cast, plus two It Takes Two singers! Possibly 3 at some stage.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: Behind the Scenes, is basically a fic set around the cast, each have thier own storylines or relationships. This is part 3 and continues on from the first two parts.

Both Part One and Part Two can be found in the Libary :)

Previously on Behind the Scenes 2

Jodi and Paul are expecting their first child together

Rhys moved on after Indiana’s death

Rhys and Becca had finally gotten together

Averyl and Bobby had finally gotten together

Rachael Beck & Mark Furze said ‘I Love You”

Isabel seeked help for an eating disorder

Holly has a crush on Bobby

Ada finally won a bet with Tim

Sarah & Emily were in a earthquake in San Francisco

Amy Mitzi got the sack

Amy Mathews and Chris Hemsworh broke up.

To refresh everyone’s memories Averyl & Becca are Claire and Nic’s baby sitters.

Since it’s been over a year since I wrote part two... the fic has moved forwards by 8 months. Just in time for Jodi to give birth. Although the fic has gone forwards only 8 months I do intended to keep it somewhat up with what it really is. Some of the characters I had in it, have left during those 8 months.

The current characters are as following:

Charlotte Best

Lincoln Lewis

Amy Mathews

Kate Ritchie

Jessica Tovey

Lynn Collingwood

Lynne McGranger

Ray Meagher

Emily Perry

Sarah Enright

Jodi Gordon

Paul O’Brien

Mark Furze

Rachael Beck

Ada Nicodemou

Tim Campbell

Anthony Callea

Jon Sivewright

Sharni Vinson

Daniel Bennett

Holly Brisley

Bobby Morely

Previous characters included

Averyl - Moved to New York with her Dad

Nic Bishop - Moved to UK

Claire (Nic’s gf) - Moved to UK

Ava (Nic & Claires daughter) - Moved to UK

Becca - No longer needed.

Isabel Lucas - contract expired

Jason Smith - contract expired

Chris Hemsworth - moved to LA

Amy Mitzi: - moved to LA with Chris

Katrina Campbell - Is working on All Saints

Rhys Wakefield - contract expired

Chris Sardina - contract expired

First chapter will be up as soon as my proof reader (if I can con her into doing a part 3) reads it :)

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Conrad will be joining the cast at some stage :P

Chapter 61

It had all started after Paul had watched a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ program with Jodi on television. After seeing it, he had become convinced that he was going to become a handyman and they would stop having to hire a plumber every time the toilet was blocked. He had subscribed to all those handyman magazines and bought his very own tool kit. Today’s task was painting the nursery. After arguing over which colour to paint it, they had settled on yellow. That way, if they have a baby boy and painted it pink the baby wouldn’t become confused and the other way around for a baby girl with a blue room. Jodi had been told to stay out of the way, he wasn’t going to have her help or stand there inhaling the fumes. Jodi was now currently eight months along, they didn’t know the gender as they wanted it to be a surprise.

Paul put down the roller and wiped his forehead using the back of his sleeve. After painting for the past three hours he had finished the first coat. He briefly checked to make sure there were no runs in the paint before walking into the lounge room. Jodi was lying on the couch with her nose in a Danielle Steel novel, her favourite. Paul smiled at her and walked over to the kitchen sink, splashing his face with water before flicking on the kettle. Jodi glanced at him over the top of her book and smirked.

“What? Have I got some paint on my face?” he asked playfully.

Jodi shook her head.

“On my butt?” Paul wiggled his butt.

Jodi shook her head again.

“Any paint at all?”

Jodi shook her head. “No paint babe. But there is a paint brush stuck to your butt, so I guess there is paint there,” Jodi giggled.

Paul rolled his eyes, “It was so nice of you to tell me before I made a fool of myself.” Jodi giggled again and her book fell onto the floor. She leaned over to pick it up but with her very large stomach in the way, she just couldn’t reach it.

“Can’t reach it?” he teased her.

“No, our child happens to be in the way,” she sulked and pouted at him. Paul picked up the book and handed it back to her. “Danielle Steel! Yuck!”

Jodi gasped. “She happens to be my favourite author!”

Paul gently tugged up Jodi’s top and traced his fingers along her enormous stomach, making her giggle again.

Charlotte, Lincoln and Lynne McGranger were filming at Palm Beach this afternoon. The weather was being nice to them today, no wind and little cloud cover. Charlotte and Lincoln had only joined the cast a few months prior. Charlotte was getting frustrated with herself, they had filmed the same scene sixteen times, and sixteen times she had mucked up her lines. All the crew and Lincoln and Lynne had remained calm and reassured her that it was alright.

Daniel Bennett was considering recasting her. 'It shouldn't take an hour to film one simple scene,' he thought to himself.

Charlotte dropped her script onto the sand and jumped up and down on it. “I can't do this!"

Lynne went into Irene mode, "Love, it's alright. It just takes practice and patience. I'm sure you'll get it right."

Charlotte glared at her. "Patience is something I am extremely short on!"

"Annie... I mean Charlotte just calm down..." Lincoln spoke softly. Charlotte hit his arm.

"That is ENOUGH!" Daniel's voice boomed causing all three actors to jump and stare at him.

"We are meant to be filming one of Channel 7's top rating television shows. But you’re throwing tatty tantrums and calling each other by your character names. Honestly!" he rolled his eyes.

"Sorry," Lincoln and Charlotte muttered.

"And he's back on his permanent period," Lynne groaned.

"Pretending I didn't hear that! Charlotte, pick up your script! We're going to do this again and again! All night if we must until we get it right!"

Bobby gently tapped on Jessica's dressing room door. She briefly looked up and nodded at him to come in. Bobby walked in slowly and shut the door behind him. He sat down on a pile of clothes and looked at her.

"What?" she asked him.

"I heard you are going to do It Takes Two this year."

Jessica nodded. “Yeah, it took a while to convince Daniel to let me though."

"I can just imagine."

"Alright, what do you want?"


"Excuse me, but what the hell?"

"I had this thing... you see for Holly. Then I met Averyl and everything changed. But then she left me, and went back to New York and I'm starting to think I still want Holly."

Jessica stared at him for a few seconds before throwing her hair dryer at him.

"OW!" Bobby winced in pain when the hair dryer collided with his head.

"You absolute moron! You USED Averyl!"

"I didn't use her! It wasn't like that! She left me and she's not coming back."

"I wonder why she left you!" Jessica scoffed. "And what makes you think you can confide in me?"

"Because our characters are engaged."

"That's Belle and Drew, not Jessica and Bobby."

"Yeah well..." Bobby trailed off trying to think of a good come back. Ray tapped on the door, "Jessica you’re due on set."

Jessica nodded, “Thanks Ray."

"Just a slight warning, Daniel isn't in the best of moods today and Bobby if you’re going to talk about your love life make sure the door is closed. That way everyone doesn't have listen."

Bobby blushed slightly. “Sorry about that."

Ada, Jon, Holly and Tim were having lunch together at a popular restaurant in downtown Sydney. The waiter had just finished taking down their orders.

"I'm very surprised Daniel let us leave the studio during our lunch break," Holly spoke up as she sipped her water.

"I'm not. Ada and I betted against it. Of course I won the bet which is why we were allowed to," Tim told her.

Ada rolled her eyes. “I don't always lose. I did win once."

Tim laughed. “Once."

"I think you two really should stop that. Ada will have to mortgage her house soon." Jon spoke up.

"I really don't think my husband would like that," Ada giggled as she drank her third champagne.

"You’re drinking that like it's water. We haven't even eaten our meal yet," Holly said. They could hear the concern in her voice.

"My mother used to always say never drink on an empty stomach," Jon told them.

"Your mother is a wise woman," Ada giggled.

"Was…" Jon said softly. The other three didn't hear that.

"No more for you Ada." Tim took away the champagne bottle. Ada pouted and looked as though she was about to cry.

"Daniel will have a fit if you get yourself drunk and in public," Holly gasped. “It'd be all over the internet!"

"Front page news!" Ada giggled as she knocked over her glass. “Whoops!"

Tim rolled his eyes, “I never want to be seen in public with you again."

"You don't mean that!" Ada opened and closed her mouths a few times. "Yes, you do."

"Here are your meals," the waitress told them as she set them down on the table.

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