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Behind The Scenes (Part 3)

Guest Traceve

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Thank you :) So sorry it took me ages to write the next one... Hope everyone is still reading. :lol:

Chapter 69

Jordan felt incredibly guilty, he knew for sure Daniel would want to speak to him, probably yell at him. It was Jordan’s own fault, he was the one who chose to get drunk at a party. He was the one who passed out and ended up in the emergancy ward of the hospital. He was the one who was embarrassed when he saw all the media standing outside the hospital. And he was the one who ended up on the front cover of the newspaper. The heading read “Another Home and Away actor with a drinking problem. Underage Jordan Rodrigue’s drunken night.” He wasn’t looking forward to going to work this morning, but he had to. He had a long day of filming ahead of him and he was looking forward to that because his character Jai was going to have an exciting storyline.

Jordan sipped on his lemonade and walked into the green room. He saw Todd sitting on the couch alone, but walked past him and sat down at one of the vacant tables.

“Hey mate,” Josh said as he sat down in the seat beside Jordan.

“Hi,” Jordan replied half-heartedly.

“I saw the paper, do you want to talk about it?”

Jordan shook his head, the last thing he wanted to do was talk about it. He understood that Josh was concerned though.

“When I was your age I got drunk a few times too. All the kids were doing it. I felt pressured to, were you pressured?”

Jordan paused before nodding his head, “I guess it’s my own fault. I could have said no.”

“Mate, there’s no point dwelling on the ‘could haves’. It happened and you’re fine now.”

“I guess so, I’m just not looking forward to seeing Dan. He’s going to let me have it and lets face it, I deserve it.”

Amy grinned as she bounced down the hallway. She had some very important news to tell Conrad, as soon as she could locate him. She accidentally knocked over one of the crew members as she ran around the corner. Blushing she apologised and started running again. Where was he? Amy paused to catch her breath, as she did this she saw Conrad exit the supply closet. Amy wondered what he was doing in there. She quickly pushed those thoughts out of her mind and caught up with him.

“She hooks up with Roman. She…” Amy paused to take a deep breath. “Rachel cheats on Tony with Roman!”

Conrad stared at her, “Are you high?”

Amy laughed, “No, I think Dan is the one that is high. As if Rachel would cheat on Tony with Roman, her and Tony have been through so much together. It doesn’t make sense.”

“Nothing ever does when it comes to Dan,” Conrad joined Amy and started laughing. “Look on the bright side, you’ll get to make out with me and we both know I’m a hottie.”

Amy rolled her eyes, “You’re so full of yourself.” Amy watched as Anthony Callea walk past them looking angry. Amy wondered what he was doing there, considering Tim and Anthony had been voted out on the second week of It Takes Two.

Paul turned on his phone and was quickly told he had three unread messages. He scrolled through till he reached his inbox and clicked on the first one. It was from Isabel.

Paul, just heard the news about the bubs! Congrats! I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, just scored a role in a movie that just may be my big break! Give my love to Jodes.

He chuckled softly and scrolled down to the next message. It was from Jason.

You named your baby after me! Well his middle name. Congrats. Missing you.

Paul suddenly felt a pang of lonesomeness hit him. He missed Jason to. Actually, he missed all the ex cast members greatly. Isabel, Jason, Rhys, Sharni, Chris, Clarissa and of course Indiana. He clicked on the third and final message. It was from Sharni.

Great news about the baby! I bet he’ll be a looker like you =p Luv x

“Paul, what are you doing here?” Ray said, his face covered in shock. Surely Paul wasn’t returning so soon after the baby being born?

“I just came to check in and make sure everything is running smoothly. Jodi and I won’t be coming back for a few weeks yet.” Paul lowered his voice to a whisper, “and honestly, I kind of miss this place.”

Ray laughed. He understood, that’s why he didn’t want to leave because he knew he’d miss it.

“How about we go and grab a coffee? I’ll round up some of the other cast members, I think Kate, Josh and Lynne are free at the moment,” Ray offered.

“That would be great. I’ll meet you in the canteen in fifteen minutes? I just want to go and see Dan for a bit, ok?”

Ray nodded.

Jordan groaned as he saw his photo with a slogan that said “Bad boy Jordan takes to alcohol after being rejected by Todd.” Who had done that? Who took the time to do such a thing and post it on the notice board in the green room? Jordan hoped noone else had seen it yet. He pulled it down, screwed it up into a ball in his hand and tossed it in the bin. It didn’t help that lies were on there, he never asked Todd out to be rejected in the first place! He wasn’t into guys!

“I bet it was that blonde bimbo Tessa,” Jordan said bitterly under his breath. He looked up and saw Charlotte walking towards him.

“Are you ok? I just heard, what happened? Why did you do it? You seem like such a good boy,” Charlotte said worried. She scanned his face for some indication of what he was thinking.

“I am, it was a mate’s 19th birthday and I guess I just got a bit carried away.”

“You shouldn’t have done it, you could ruin your health and I hate to think that something could have happened to you.”

“Nothing did happen to me,” Jordan pointed out.

“Why then?” Charlotte asked him again. She was upset. Over the past few months since their characters had entered an onscreen relationship she and Jordan had been growing closer to the point where Charlotte had to admit she was finding herself attracted to him.

“I had my heart broken when the girl I like told me that she had a crush on someone else.”

Charlotte froze, just last week Charlotte had said to Jordan jokingly that she thought Lincoln would be a great kisser, but she never said she had a thing for him!

“What?” Charlotte stammered.

Jordan shook his head,” Nothing, never mind it’s nothing.” Jordan walked away and left Charlotte standing there trying to work out what just happened.

Paul, Lynne, Ray and Kate were sitting at one of the many tables in the canteen. Ray, Kate and Lynne were poking at their lunches and trying not to be sick. They really did need to write in a complaint to get better food.

“You’re awfully quiet Paul,” Kate observed. She was right, Paul had hardly said a word.

“I’m just thinking about Jodi, I hope she’s ok with the baby by herself. She’s finding it hard,” Paul replied.

“What’s going on?” Kate spoke in her very Sally-motherly tone.

“Nothing,” Paul lied.

“You can tell us,” Lynne added in.

Paul paused for a moment searching for the right words, “I think Jodi is suffering from some form of post natal depression.” Paul suddenly felt very worried now that he had finally sad those three words out loud.

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Thanks for updating Shan, it was worth the wait :) (I hope you have finally gotten over your writers block)

Whoa Rachel cheating on Tony with Roman is just horrible :( I'm glad that Amy and Conrad saw it was being funny lol.

Poor Jodi- possibly having PND

And.... I don't know what to say about Jordan.

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