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Behind The Scenes (Part 3)

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Thanks guys! :D I think the on-set romance well the one I'm only just developing is a bit random (The pairing that is) but I hope it doesn't disappoint in the long run. :D

Note: Homeandawaycentral is still open, not just the forum. I was feeling a bit sad so Behind the Scenes went on a small trip down memory lane, but you don't have to read the first two parts to follow. It’s just a couple of small mentions really.

Chapter 6

Bobby signed as he shoved a new ink cartridge into his computer, hopefully now it'll work. He slammed down the lid and hit print again. Slowly the paper went through the printer and came out. This time with writing on the paper. He had spent almost an hour trying to word the petition and then choosing a font to write it in. Although had been distracted by pictures of Holly on the Internet for the third time that week.

Bobby was disgusted at himself, he thought he had gotten over her. It had been over a year since he had developed his crush on Holly and eight months since his relationship with Averyl collapsed. Still, Holly was the woman he wanted.

Bobby briefly closed his eyes and laughed when he remembered the time he had quoted Romeo and Juliet to Holly in her dressing room. Holly didn't like it very much and refused to talk to him for a week. Bobby laughed as he pictured what Averyl would say if she knew Bobby still had feelings for Holly.

"I miss Averyl," Bobby said fondly, his attention shifted to the computer screen as he received a new email. He clicked the icon and waited for the page to load. It was from Sharni.

Bobs, hello! Remember me? Of course you do, I'm unforgettable (:

I'm just sitting here in my new apartment in LA and started thinking about you, about everyone really. I was unpacking my suitcases and came across some photos from Nic's birthday. Remember the egg and spoon race? Kate was more interested in eating the eggs and than winning the race. LOL. I miss you Bob I miss everyone. I miss Kate's warm smile, I miss Ray's cuddles, I miss your laugh, I miss Ada and Tim's betting, I miss Dan's lectures (I never thought I'd say that) and I miss my best friend Jess. Most of all I miss Indi. I wonder how Rhys is getting along these days. Have you heard from Rhys since he moved to Brisbane? I haven't spoken to Jess in ages, I guess we grew apart or something. I heard from Averyl the other day, she told me Nic's little one contracted the chickenpox, but she's ok now. She is the cutest baby in the whole world. Did you hear that Tim's on It Takes Two this year and Amy's on Dancing with the Stars? Of course you did, you work with them still...

Well I hope you're well when you get this.

Your friend, Sharni.

Bobby smiled fondly when he remembered the time Jess and Sharni had a catfight in the cafeteria because they both had a crush on him. Bobby sighed and reopened homeandawaycentral.com and gazed at the new photo shoot of Holly.

Jess wiped her sleepy eyes and shuffled her feet, she had been on set filming three scenes with Todd and she was exhausted. It was almost four in the afternoon and Jess still hadn’t had her lunch and neither had Todd. Jess closed her eyes briefly and yawned.

"Jess, wake up!" Dan shouted. Jess suddenly felt more alert than ever.

"We're going to do that whole scene again thanks to miss head in the clouds. Everyone ready?"

“Dan, I think that you’re-” Todd was cut off by Dan.

“We don’t have time for your thoughts. Places now!”

Jess and Todd sat on the bed and got ready for their scene.


Jess reached over and held Todd’s hand. She looked into his eyes and smiled softly.

“Todd, I mean Aden,” Jess groaned.

“Cut! Jessica, pay more attention. Do you want to remain a part of this cast?” Dan asked her, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Of course, I’m just tired and hungry, I’m sorry,” Jess bit her lip.

Dan signed,” Let’s try again.”


Jess reached over and held Todd’s hand. She looked into his eyes and smiled softly.

“Aden, we’re going to get through this. It’s just a bump in the road. So what if I caught crabs? The doctors have medication for that sort of thing.”

Todd burst out laughing, “I can’t do this scene! I’m trying to be professional, but an outbreak of crabs? Seriously!?”

Dan signed and bumped his clipboard against his head,” Idiots.” It was going to be a long afternoon.

Mark was walking into the green room when he first saw the petition. It was pinned up on the notice board and it had a thick bright yellow border, which made it stand out. He stopped to read the petition. It was a petition to give Ada a storyline, only three cast mates had signed it so far. Tim, Bobby and Kate. Mark pulled a pen out of his pocket and scribbled his name onto the paper. Now it had four names on it.

Mark walked past Amy and Jon talking about their upcoming storyline and Lincoln who was muttering something about the Western Bulldogs to himself. Mark flopped down onto the couch beside Tessa.

“Did you want something?” She queried.

“No?” Mark replied, unsure how to answer her question.

“Then go someplace else. Somewhere far away, like Mars.”

Mark had heard from Becky (as Mark liked to call her) and Lincoln that Tessa was rude, Mark didn’t believe them, now he did.

Mark rested his head against the back of the couch and made himself comfortable.

“Uh, go away,” Tessa said disgusted that he was still in her air space.

“Make me,” Mark smiled at her,” Why don’t you make yourself useful and go and sign Ada’s petition.”

“Ugh no way, the more screen time I have the better, I’m helping this show get back on its feet. Didn’t you read that last year the show didn’t make the top 10 four times? If Ada got a storyline it wouldn’t make the top 50. You’re so pathetic,” Tessa got up and walked over to the other side of her room. As she sat down at the table, Amy and Jon got up and shifted.

“What are we going to do about her?” Lincoln asked as he sat down next to Mark.

Mark shrugged his shoulders, “What’s this ‘we’ business? You’re on your own with her.”

“Have you heard what Jodi and Paul named their baby?” Lincoln wondered changing the subject.

“I got a forward email from Emily who had gotten it from Nic, who had gotten it from Chris, who had gotten it from Sharni, who had gotten it from Bob-” Mark was cut off by Lincoln.

“Forget that, what did they name him?”

“Oh, right, they named him Mark after his Uncle Mark.”

Lincoln stared at Mark,” Please tell me that’s a joke.”

Mark laughed,” Unfortunately yeah, they named him Luke Jason O’Brien.”

“Jason as in Jason Smith?”

Mark nodded,” Apparently they were best friends. I never saw it, although now that you mention it Jason was best man at their wedding so...”

Mark’s phone started ringing, he looked at the caller and it was Rachel.

“I gotta take this, the love of my life,” Mark joked. “Hey Rachel...” Mark got up and walked out of the room to talk to her privately. Lincoln watched Esther walk into the room and sit down next to Tessa, Lincoln was surprised Tessa didn’t shoo her away like she did to Charlotte yesterday. Lincoln wasn’t that worried about Tessa and her issues anyways, his gaze was fixed on Esther.

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Thanks guys :D I wasn't too sure about that crabs line but seems like everyone loved it. :lol:

Note: Wow, this is chapter 67 over all, when I started Behind the Scenes back in 2006 I never imagined it would last over two years and would end up having three parts. It was only meant to last for one part and then as time went on Behind the Scenes was my little baby. I’ve just become so attached to this story, the characters and their storylines. I know it sounds silly to become attached to a story, but I am.

Chapter 7

Ada was pleased with herself, the whole cast and crew (with the exception of Tessa) had signed her petition. All she had to do now was show it to Dan that was going to be the hard part. She had scheled a meeting with him for five o'clock that afternoon. Ada shoved the petition into her pigeon hole and sighed, she was dreading the meeting. The last time she had tried to talk to Dan he didn't want to listen to her.

"Hi Ada, is that the petition?" Tim asked as he came up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder.

Ada nodded," Everyone signed it apart from Tessa."

Dan rolled his eyes, "Figured. Can I count on you to be at the show tomorrow?" Dan asked her referring to his first It Takes Two performance.

"Of course. I'll be the crazy fan girl in the crowd holding the 'Marry Me' sign," she laughed.

Tim laughed then his face turned serious," Anonthy's a jerk, I don't think he likes me very much. I'm a very likeable guy!"

"Maybe it's because he doesn't know you yet. If he knew you like I do he wouldn't think you're a jerk," Ada truthfully told him.

"I'm lucky to have such a great friend like you," Tim grinned and pulled Ada into a bear hug.

Amy frowned, which top was she meant to wear for her next scene. She couldn't remember if it was the yellow one or the blue one. Her problem was solved when she noticed the label telling her. She refrained from rolling her eyes at herself at her stupidity. Amy glanced up at the clock and realised she had a scene in under an hour with Jon and she still had to get her hair and make-up done.

"Amy are you in here?" Jon asked as he knocked on the door of Amy's dressing room, which she shared with Ada and Kate.

"Yes," she replied.

"Great, I was hoping we could run through our lines once more before our scene."

"Sure," Amy stood up and grabbed the piles of clothes off of the other chair and threw them into the corner out of the way.

Jon sat down and opened his script to page three.

"Where did my script go?" Amy said softly as she rummaged through the endless piles of junk on the dresser.

"It's under the hair dryer."

"Thanks," Amy sat back down and opened her script.

"You ready now?"

Amy nodded.

"Jon walks into the room from the kitchen and frowns when he sees..."

Amy cut him off, "How about we just do the actual speech stuff because we still have to get ready."

Jon nodded," Ready to start again?"

Amy nodded.

"Where have you been?" Jon started off.

"I was at Leah's, are you ok?"

"No, I was worried about you. I've been trying to reach you for hours."

"I was busy."

"We lost our baby Rach, actually lost, I don't think your coping very well."

"I'm a... I’m fine, I just don't want to talk about it right now."

Jon closed his script," I can't believe Tachel lost their baby."


"Tony and Rachel combined, Bobby told me that was our shipping name when he last logged into his bttb account."

"Back to the Bay?" Amy looked confused.

"It's a... never mind, you're not really down with technology are you?"

Amy laughed and blushed, "I can't tell a text message from a email."

A camera man knocked on the door,” Time for hair and make-up."

Lincoln knew he didn't have a chance with Esther, she was much older than him and she was gorgeous. He was... well, he was Lincoln. He was sitting by himself in the cafeteria watching Esther and Rebecca talk as though they'd known each other since Primary School. He watched Esther throw her head back and laugh. His thoughts were interrupted when Kate sat down opposite him at the table and wave her hand in front of his face.

"Earth to Lincoln."

Lincoln blinked," Hi."

"Care to chat?" she asked as she unwrapped her vegemite sandwich that she had brought from home.

"About what?" he asked trying to play dumb.

Kate nodded towards the other table where Esther and Rebecca were seated.

"There's nothing to talk about."

"How long have you had a crush on her for?"

"For who?"


Lincoln stared, that wasn't the right girl...

"Or is it Esther?"

Lincoln's cheeks slowly turned red.

"Esther it is, it's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"What's he embarrassed about?" Ray asked as he sat down next to Kate like he did every day.

"He has his first older woman crush," Kate explained.

"It isn't my first!"

"Are we talking about his crush on Esther?" Mark asked as he put his lunch tray next to Lincoln's and sat down.

Lincoln groaned and put his head on his hands,” Who else knows?"

"Just Rach, don't worry she wouldn't blab," Mark smiled, "I think it's sweet. Rach is my older woman and Esther is yours."

"The only difference is you’re with Rachel and I have no hope of ever being with Esther."

"Why not?" Kate asked.

"She's a model! She probably dates other models," Lincoln said.

"If you ask me she's a lesbian," Ray whispered.

Mark chocked on his meat pie, "What?"

Ray shrugged," It's just the vibe I'm getting."

"Great, so that means I definitely don't have a chance," Lincoln muttered and glanced at her Esther Kate's shoulder.

"She's not gay, Ray's joking, aren't you?" Kate suddenly looked worried.

"That's just the vibe I'm getting, I could be right or I could be wrong," Ray shrugged again.

"She isn't because she looks forward to her kissing scenes with Conrad," Mark said slowly.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence Mark," Lincoln groaned, he pushed his lunch away, he wasn't that hungry anymore.

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Thanks guys :) Sorry for taking so long, I've had a terrible case of writers block. :(

Chapter 8

Paul finished his fifth coffee of the morning and placed the mug in the dish drainer. Looking after a newborn was harder than he thought it would be. Every two hours he would wake up and wail. Luke was only a week and a half old, but already Jodi and Paul were struggling to look after him. It didn't help that Jodi was still hormonal.

"Paul, can you come in here and give me a hand with Luke, he just spat up on my dress!" Jodi called out from their bedroom

"I swear there is more coming out then going in," Paul muttered to himself as he went into the bathroom and grabbed a wet flannel. Once Paul reached the bedroom he sat down beside Jodi and started wiping the spit off of her dress. Jodi was close to tears.

"Here," Paul put down the flannel and reached over for Luke."

"I can't do this, I'm a crap mum," Jodi sniffed, "and it's harder than I thought! He doesn't love me, everything I do is wrong and he just never stops crying."

Paul held the baby and patted him on the back, "You're not a crap mum and remember neither one of us has done this before, we're both learning."

"My own child hates me!" Jodi started crying.

"He doesn't hate you sweetheart," Paul said softly as he put (babes name) down in his crib. He sat back down on the bed and gently pulled Jodi into his arms. Paul rubbed her back and soon enough her tears stopped. Jodi sniffed and looked up at Paul, "What would I do without you?"

"Nothing because you'd be so lost without me."

Jodi giggled. "I think he's finally asleep," Jodi whispered. The couple walked over to the crib and peered over the rails.

"He's so perfect when he's asleep," Jodi smiled. Paul kissed Jodi gently and put his arm around her.

"Like you're so perfect and I can't measure up. Well I'm not perfect just all messed up," Mark sang along with his Ipod as he studied his script. He sipped at his coffee and grinned at Rachel as she sat down next to him on the couch.

"Cuz you're so perfect and no one measures up. Yeah, all be yourself and all messed up," Mark continued to sing loudly. He was getting glared at by Tessa. Rachel took Mark's headphone plugs out of his ears.

"Guess what?" she whispered in his ear after she kissed his cheek gently.

"The Veronica's are awesome?"

Rachel rolled her eyes, "They are, but that isn't it. The cast are popping out babies left, right and centre."

"No they're not," Mark laughed, "The only ones who have had a baby is Jodi and Paul."

"But someone's girlfriend is pregnant..." Rachel giggled.

"YOU'RE PREGNANT!?" Mark shouted.


Mark jumped up grinning from ear to ear. He pulled her up to and wrapped his arms around her and spun her around.

"What's going on?" Todd asked.

"We're pregnant!" Mark shouted, still grinning.

"Wow! That's great! Congrats mate!" Todd smiled.

Over on the other side of the Green room Tessa snorted in disgust as Jordan and Charlotte sat down at the table in her air space. Jordan and Charlotte raised their eyebrows at Tessa.

"We want to know why you're such a...” Jordan trailed off as he searched for the right word.

"Cow," Charlotte supplied.

"Thinking isn't your best subject is it Jordan?" Tessa remarked.

Jordan opened his mouth, but nothing came out. How could she be so rude? She had no reason to be.

"You better watch it or I'll..." Charlotte trailed off, she quickly tried to come up with something to say before Tessa made another rude remark.

Tessa laughed and rolled her eyes, "You two are so hopeless." Tessa gathered up her script and stood up. She smirked at Charlotte and Jordan before turning around and walking out of the room.

"Hey! Tessa, was it really necessary to be that rude to them?" Esther asked Tessa as she caught up with her in the corridor.

"Of course, they're losers," Tessa giggled, she stopped giggling when she noticed Esther frowning. "Ok, ok, I'm sorry, I'll try and keep the insults to a minimum."

"Thank you," Esther smiled at Tessa. Esther looked down at her watch. "Woah, we have to be on location in just under two hours."

"So Charlie can man handle another bad guy," Tessa laughed, as she was laughing she noticed Lincoln standing just a few feet away staring at Esther's back. "I think pretty boy has a crush on you."

"Who?" Esther asked.

"Behind you."

Esther spun around and looked at Lincoln, "Can I help you?"

"I was, uh, just leaving," Lincoln quickly dashed into the nearest bathroom and shut the door. Within seconds Esther and Tessa heard a girl shriek.

"What are you doing in the girls bathroom!?" Rebecca shouted.

A small crowd of fans was gathered behind the camera crew at Palm Beach while Josh and Conrad rehearsed their scene. The wind was strong, so every few seconds Josh had to tuck one of his stray curls behind his ears and start the line again.

"This is ridiculous, we're not going to get this scene down with the wind like this," Josh muttered under his breath when he made sure Dan wasn't listening.

"Maybe by the time we finally get around to shooting the scene without interruptions the wind might die down," Conrad said with a hopeful look on his face.

"Let's run through the scene one more time," Dan shouted getting everyone's attention.

Josh and Conrad got into their places and waited.


Conrad patted Josh on the shoulder gently, "It'll be ok and besides there are plenty of other fish in the sea that aren't named Kirsty."

Before Josh could say his line they heard a phone ring.

“Cut!” Dan spun around and faced the crowd of fans, “If you interrupt our filming one more time I’ll see to it that every phone ends up at the bottom of the ocean.”

The fans took a step back and whispered mean things about Dan and a pole amongst themselves.

“Let’s try that scene again, as you were,” Dan said to Conrad and Josh.


Conrad patted Josh on the shoulder gently, "It'll be ok and besides there are plenty of other fish in the sea that aren't named Kirsty."

Josh shook his head, “I don’t care about the other fish, I’m in love with Kirsty Philips. I’m still in love with her even though she broke my heart when she left with Kane. I miss her and Ollie too. She’s not coming back is she?”

“She might change her mind and come back because didn’t she tell you that she was in love with you?”

“Yes, but then why did she go?”

Conrad shrugged.

Another phone interrupted by another phone ringing.

“For the love of God!” Dan shouted at the top of his voice, “I’m going to get you escorted off the beach if you keep it up! Turn your phones off!”

One by one turned they turned their phones off and took another step back when Dan gave them a look that intimidated them.

“I’d like to get this scene done before I’m sixty! Take a ten minute break boys,” Dan said. He pulled out a packet of pills from his pocket and swallowed a Prozac tablet washing it down with Red Bull.

Next time:

Who is the new girl on set?

Who makes the headlines?

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