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Which song?

Guest Eli

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Can anyone help me?

I LOVED the beautiful instrumental music that was used in today's UK episode as Matilda read the poem and scattered the petals for Ric and Viv's baby. Does anyone know who is it was by and what it's called please?

Thanks! :wink:

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Can someone please tell me the name of the following songs, as i can't find them anywhere.

In the episode where leah marries dan, as she is walking down the aisle, and the lyrics go something like "so i lose myself in you if only for a moment", "so i lose myself in you, so i lose myself, myself in you".

Also in leah and dan's reception what was the name of the songs that goes something like "something old,something new".

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Does anyone know the title and artist of the song used in the scene of Home and Away where everyone was sitting around sad thinking of Lisa (Jess MacNamee) after she died? I can't remember many of the lyrics but it had something like "take a bottle from the medicine shelf, heal thy self", the song i believe is/was also used in scenes on Neighbours, if anyone knows where i could download it or could upload it then i would be very grateful.

I'm also looking for another song, i'm not sure if it has ever been used in H & A or not but it has in Neighbours, i called it the Drew and Libby song when she broke up with him, i'm not sure if it's called If I Had You, but it does have that lyric in it several times over in the song "If i had you, i would have everything", etc. etc., if anyone knows where i could find this song then it'd be great, these songs are hard to come by i think especially if they're in-house tracks for the shows. I want to put them on my mp3 player :)

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