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Which song?

Guest Eli

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In order to clean up this forum a little we've decided to close all the "which song?"-threads and instead have one thread for all questions related to songs in episodes and promos.

You can find a list of songs used in episodes here but if this page doesn't answer your question, this is the place to ask :)

Please do not request songs in here. Please use this thread to do so.

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Hey ... I was wondering if anyone could help me regarding a background song used on Home and Away?

I dont know the name of it but the chorus goes something like 'its not real, its not real' ... does anyone know the band? Is it a production song?


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i think the song you are refering to is 'Are you magnetic?' by Faker, they have been using them quite a bit recently, used 3 of their songs in one show the other day! you can listen to that song and a few others on their myspace - www.myspace.com/fakertheband, i really like them and have been listening to them quite a bit recently thats how i knew it was them :)

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Does anyone know the song played in episode 4216 at the montage of Rachel, Jack, Tasha, Alf and the others waiting for news about the missing helicopter? I think some of the lyrics are "I'm counting the days till I'll be by your side" or something like that.

Thanks in advance!

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