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Which song?

Guest Eli

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Could anyone tell me the name of the song in the promo for the explosion at Jack and Martha's wedding!? I think I downloaded it from here back in 2006 but I dont have it anymore...The lyrics go something like ''Wishes and Dreams...''...

It is called "Face Of A Killer" by Birdie O'Brien. :)

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I was watching a rather old episode of home and away the early martha and jack days and after the whole dispuit abbout his hearing he got a gift from her and there was a s ong 'Life is just a hoop you have to jump trough? you have to jump trough .... fall down, fall down

Please help


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can anyone tell me song played at Morag and Ross wedding lyrics go

Sophia she looks out of the mirror She'll find someone to swallow her pride. Caught in words she's a bird in a bookshop. When she smiles some jekyll some hide And she sits so quietly

so my frind thinks it might be

Machine Translations

from there Seven Seven album

called she makes signs

but can't find it anywhere :(

I found it :) thnak god for myspace for ones

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