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  1. Chris Holmes -I don't care what my friends say
  2. hey , anyone here that can help me ? I bought this Ipod and I have no Idee how to inport my haa video's on Itunes ???? can someone help me ? xxLore
  3. The killers - when you were young
  4. Well it's no secret at or family that my brother hates me that much !
  5. He is a year older then me and he allways lays his fists very hard on my opper arm or like before he hitted me in my for Neck I couldn't breath propley .I think the only way my mom would see he is wrong when he beats me in the Hospital !
  6. My brother has beaten me again and my mom just doesn't care about me !
  7. I'm heading of to bed so Ciau !
  8. hey Just log in for a quick message . Yes Im still in italy , Im here for more then 4 weeks and still 4 to go the weather is nice and the foot is ace
  9. Just Friends - Gavin Degraw
  10. Hilary Duff - someone's watching over me
  11. Really Sunny and then the teachers want us to study for exams !
  12. Good morning everyone !
  13. Hey! everyone who want's to chat ?
  14. Euhm , my bothers compelation CD
  15. We belong together - Gavin degraw ( Played in OTH episode "I Slept With Someone from Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me " )
  16. Anyone here who Likes yo chat ?
  17. Hey!! As some of you don't really know I will be gone for a bit . My finals start in 2 weeks so have to study hard I got exams for 2 weeks my last on a Friday then I will leave Belgium the wednsday after I ended my exams and I will be back 1st of september xoxoxoxLore PS ; they do have a PC pub in Italy I will see if I go much on so .
  18. hey! anyone want to chat ? My brother is gonne be ok he can even walk ( well scrumbel) without or help so their is still hope he can get back to his soccer !!! He is even going to school on Monday . what makes me really happy
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