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The Big Return

Guest Kevkehaa

How do you feel about Kane & Kirsty returning?  

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So how do you feel about the return of Kane & Kirsty.

I'm really exited about their return because I loved the Sutherland family and especially Dani & Kirsty!

On the other side I didn't really like Kane but I read he's not back for long, but Kirsty is!

I can't wait until their return!

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I'm actually not sure :unsure: They just took off, so it would be good for them to get a proper good-bye, but who are they coming back to? There's no one, except Irene left that they knew, so I don't really see the point. But I'm excited to see how they're going to explain their return :)

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I'm happy :) Hadn't thought of them in a while and was very happy to find they're coming back. Went and watched some of their storylines and remembered how much I loved them...

Just put an av of them on too :)

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