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  1. I just had a cheese sandwich and an healthy apple and a nice cup of tea
  2. yeah. Last night episode was so funny, but poor Garry he going to be heartbroken, Dawn should choose him instead of Jase
  3. Eastenders Yesterday was Brilliant I cry when Denise told Carly and the girls but did anyone hear Denise called Shirley, ''Denise'' or was hearing things
  4. I found Indiana Evans my space page but it's for friends only I also founded noel fielding page but i don't know if it is fake or not
  5. London It's very cold today especially when the wind blows, i can't wait until winter is finished
  6. oh my god Charley clements (Bradley) was just on Saturday kitchen he is co cute
  7. poor honey and billy, they deserve some happiness & i can't wait for Christmas when Stacey and max get they deserve
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