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Jason Smith.

Guest ~Natasha~

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He'll be so good at it. I'm sure he's got all the ranger moves down ^_^

I'm a little concered about him carrying an American accent for a whole season... but I have faith that he'll work it out if he hasn't already :D

It's so exciting. This series already has a cult following and it hasn't even started yet! And because it's probably going to be marketed at kids, you know what that means... DVDs and merchandise!!!! Jason action figure!!! :wub:!!!! Sure it'll probably be a faceless ranger suit to avoid the cost and trouble of getting a proper designer in, but we'll know it's meant to be him :wub:

His animal is a tiger... How appropriate :wub:

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There's Youtube clips on that site of "The Mystery of Natalie Wood." Jason with an American accent, gelled up hair, leather jacket, a hot chick, a motorbike, and a bad attitude. And a cob of corn! :D (The corn may not fit the image to you, but I assure you I find it very exciting ^_^)

I'm suddenly very hungry... for corn...

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