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Summer Heights High

Guest MiddyOil

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^God, I hope Mr. G returns!!

For NZers, after emailing TV stations asking about Summer Heights High, here's a reply I got:

Hi there

TVNZ have already acquired the rights to Summer Heights High, so keep an

eye out on TV2 for this show.

We can't advertise dates prior to when the tv guides come out (two weeks

before the programme starts) so keep an eagle eye on your tv guide.

Christine Wilton

Communications Executive

D. 64 9 916 7565

Yay :D

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Finally, are you planning a second series?

"I never thought about it in the beginning because it was always a one-off thing. I'm not into just cashing in and rolling off into a second series that is not as good. I really enjoyed making the show, so the thought of writing and going back there again is really fun and exciting, but I haven't made a decision on what to do next."

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I think that's what I read, so it's still a possibility :D

Apparently the Brits don't like the show as much according to a Nine MSN article, and are comparing it to The Office... Ugh, the shows are completely different!

Shame on all the Brit critics I say, the show is pure genious! :P If the show should be compared to anything, it's We Can Be Heroes.

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