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  1. my mums so annoying she's making me get off the computer even tho its the school holidays and i just saw the funniest thing on the news this p plater got caught speeding 135km/hr and they asked him why and he goes "i needed to pee really bad"
  2. hey sweetie i miss u =[

  3. omgosh another guy from melb on here who'da thought!! where u from im in cranbourne

  4. omgosh another guy from melb on here who'da thought!!

  5. damorules94

    All Saints

    hey everyone behind the scenes of all saints is coming up next on weekend sunrise on channel 7
  6. That kinda happend to me the other day i was in a line that people were lining up on one side of the counter and this guy just walks up out of no where to the other side of the counter and says he was next. and no one said anything! they just let him. the staff and all the other shoppers i would of said something but im pretty much just a kid and he was an adult so i got nervous
  7. Its almost chrismas =] the shops are so busy =[ and some lady in front of me yesterday was soooo rude
  8. we havent got our tree up yet either
  9. hey peeps is this were everyone hangs out on this site
  10. i just had ice cream now im hyper and my dads telling me to goto bed but i wont be able to sleep
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