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Summer Heights High

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I Loved it when he was doing the evacuation and fire drills

"theres a pedophile in the school grounds quick get out!

"There's a terroris attacking the school... im serious get down!!"

theres a kid in the school with a gun - there's kids down!

ms ellens in the library has 3rd degree burns.

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And when Ja'mie is getting the tour from Margret she says something and then Ja'mie goes "Oh my God; those bins are so random!" :lol:

I could spit out lines all night and I haven't watched the DVD in ages.

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I thought that was his own poo? Hence why he came out of the men's toilet when he was walking towards the speacil needs classroom... :lol: I haven't watched it in awhile, it probably is.

Oh it probably was his poo then. Makes it even funnier haha.

Ja'mie: "I was so nervous this morning I forgot to feed my guinea pig" :lol:

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Yeah it was his own haha. This show is pretty awesome. I like that you can see both points of view with Jonah and the teacher. I mean for her it must be extremely trying to have a kid who plays up and disrupts the entire classroom except its not really his fault that he probably cant do the work. I think it actually highlights a problem where he probably shouldnt have been in english classes anyway if he was in remedial reading like that.

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"We had a think about a few ideas for the show, and we were thinking, well it's gotta be an aquatic theme with the pool so I thought instantly - Moby Dick. That's your bible story. Then I thought, we can't do that, we're not all religious. So, I said to the principal, let's do the South Australian shark attacks perhaps but he wouldn't let me put blood in the pool, cos it would change the colour of the pool, obviously. And then I thought, the ultimate aquatic story - the sinking of the Titanic and how it killed 14 million people."

:lol: LMAO!

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