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Mark's Birthday

Guest Lilone

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Cornelia and Nic look awesome! :D

Rhys just looks like he's trying to get me a one-way ticket to jail <_<

*Reads article*

"Paul O'Brien looked like he just walked off the set of the Rocky Horror Show."

WHAT!? Where's that picture!? :o

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Mmm, Callan...not only gorgeous, but multi-talented!

Hehe,my thoughts exactly!

Isn't Beau a DJ too? Hm... I wonder if they've ever had a gig together.

I never realised how much Rhys looked like my brother until that picture now I'm never going to look at him the same again.

Don't worry, that pic is very un-Rhys like. I wouldn't have recognised him if it wasn't for the caption, and even then I'm not sure.

Speaking of your brother (the other one), did I see him on Idol the other night? There was a quick flash of someone who looked like Drew, practicing in one of the groups. I wondered if it might have been him.

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