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My Love For You Never Ends

Guest ~Rosey~

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Sorry its so short, but I have to go to bed

Chapter 4

Martha picked up the stick and looked at it. A blue line appeared on it. She was pregnant. She felt like she was on top of the world right now. So far, everything in this relationship had gone smoothly. They were both deeply, madly and truly in love with each other. Martha couldn't wait to tell him. She sat at home for what felt like hours, where in actual fact, it was only 45 minutes, until the love of her life finally arrived home. He walked in, and Martha walked up to him, holding the pregnancy stick up in a little bag, and smiling.

Jacks jaw dropped to the ground. He couldn't believe what Martha was holding up. After having a crappy day at work, this was just what he needed to cheer him up.

They hugged, Jack swinging Martha around in his arms, squealing with delight. They both walked in to the lounge room, sitting down and kissing

"I cant believe that is really happening" exclaimed Jack

"And you think I can? I was too scared to look at the stick first, just incase I thought wrong." She replied, giggling at her own thoughts.

"You go have a shower, and I'll get dinner on the go" Martha told him.

Jack did what he was told. He had a quick shower and got dressed in the bathroom. He came out and called out Martha's name, and got no reply. Maybe, he thought, she didn't here me…

He walked out into the kitchen, and saw her lying on the ground, unconscious, with severe burns on her face

"Oh god!" Jack said, reaching for the phone to call Triple 0

Up next: What happened to Martha? And will Baby Holden be okay?

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