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My Love For You Never Ends

Guest ~Rosey~

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Story Title: My Love For You Never Ends.

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC

Summary: The daily lives of Jack and Martha.

Hi all. This is my first chapter for my new fic, a fic that I'm actually planning to continue, and not just leave it after one chapter. I'm going to get some of my old fics moved to the vault and try and make this my best fic yet.

Chapter 1

Martha walked into the diner, walking up to Irene, and ordering a chocolate cake. Tonight was Jacks birthday. He didn't want any fuss. Movies, dinner, bed. Basically, just a romantic night with the women he loved.

"$10 and 55 cents, darl" Irene said, as the cash register till opened.

Martha handed her the money, smiled and walked out. Tonight there was a special of the Titanic playing at Greater Union. Jack wanted to see it, and so that's what they were going to do. The movie was showing at 4pm, and it was now 3:30. Martha hurried home to him and put the cake in the fridge, hoping Jack wouldn't see it. Chocolate was his favorite, and he didn't even know Martha was going to get him one.

Martha opened the door and saw Jack standing there, with nothing on. He was in the middle of getting changed. Martha's jaw, as they say, dropped to the ground. She stared at his body for what felt like ages, and after about 10 seconds, realized what she was actually doing, turned around and ran out, slamming the door behind her. She leant up against the door, and slid down on her back, laughing harder as she did.

Jack came out 10 minutes later with a red face, but this time he was dressed. They stood up and kissed, and Martha walked into the room, getting changed for the movie

Up next: How does the movie go?

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Sorry that was so short but I had to go out


Chapter 2

They left home and started walking to the cinema. Luckily it wasn’t that far away, as the weather wasn’t the best. They walked hand in hand until they reached the door. Jack opened the door

“After you, my love” He told her, beckoning her to go inside.

She giggled and walked in, once again joining hands with him. They walked up the stairs and went to order the ticket.

“2 adults to the special screening of Titanic, please” Jack asked the man behind the counter

“We’ll also have 1 large popcorn and 2 cokes. Thanks” He turned around to look at Martha and smiled. He turned back to the front a couple of seconds later, and saw the man standing they’re holding out the ticket, the popcorn, and the drinks were sitting on the table.

“That’ll be $30.67, thank you.”

Jack handed over the money and picked up the popcorn. He wasn’t sure he could trust Martha holding a big box of popcorn. So she took the drinks.

They looked at the tickets, and read the words ‘Cinema 2’. They looked around and saw it with the doors wide open. They walked in and found their seats up the back. Just as everyone else was arriving, the previews started. About 30 minutes later, the actual movie decided to bless them with its presence. Jack and Martha sat there through the whole thin, and Martha started crying at the end. Jack rolled his eyes at her, and by now half the women in the cinema, were wiping away their tears. He couldn’t understand why girls cry in movies.

They walked out of the cinema, and into the brisk and cold night. They started walking home and then thought it would be easier to get a taxi. There was a taxi waiting right there, which just happened to be a coincidence. They got in and told the driver where they wanted to go. He drove and dropped them off at the front gate. They paid, got out and went inside.

Jack walked off to the bedroom and Martha ran to the fridge. She pulled out the cake and lit 2 candles. Of course Jack was older then 2, but how on earth was she supposed to fit 30 candles on such a small cake?! She heard the toilet flush, gosh. She thought to herself, men are quick when it comes to peeing. She lit both candles and then walked out of the room, hoping that Jack would walk into the kitchen first. He did what she thought. He ran over to the cake like a 3-year-old boy, not a 30 year old. He looked around him, expecting Martha to pop out from somewhere any minutes. Like on queue, she did. She walked out from the bedroom and wrapped her arms around Jack.

He blew out the candles and as they say, made a wish. He wished that he would be with Martha forever and ever and ever and ever. They sat down at the table, eating the 2 big and crooked pieces Jack had cut. One end was bigger then the other. They finished, and Martha put the plates in the sink, leaving the washing up till later. She then wandered back over to Jack, starting to kiss him. He got the idea and started kissing her back, and before they knew it, they had wandered into the bedroom shutting the door behind them

They both lay on the bed, Martha still on top of him, kissing. She undid his top and started kissing him more. He got his hands and took her top off, doing the same. The rest of the evening went by a blur.

1 hour later, they lay in bed, Jack lying on his back and Martha on her side, facing him. There was silence for a while, and then Jack started

“Tell me truthfully, how do you see us in the future?”

“I see a big future. Marriage. Possibly kids. Who knows.” She replied, smiling

A few minutes later, they both fell asleep. A deep sleep as some would call it. There mouths were still in a position that a smile could be found.

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Chapter 3

Martha awoke the next morning, and found Jack fast asleep by her side. He was so adorable why he was asleep, but even better when he was awake, which is why Martha tried to wake him. She kissed him on the lips and he slowly started to open his eyes. He could recognize the feel of that kiss anyway. He smiled, kissing Martha back.

They both got out of bed and went to have a shower…together. They figured this would save time and water, and would be useful with the current drought. They got out of the shower, when the hot water finally turned cold. Martha then ran over to the toilet bowl, vomiting violently in it.

“Wow. Where did THAT come from?!” She finally managed to say.

After Martha was sure there was nothing else left, they both walked into the bedroom and got dressed. They were planning on going down to the diner for a late breakfast, but Martha had decided not too, incase of being sick again. She finished getting dressed, and made some dry toast. Looking at any food richer then that, also made her feel sick.

Jack came out and sat down next to Martha, looking into the beautiful eyes that she had.

5 minutes later, Jack left for work. Martha really wished that he didn’t have to go today. The way she was feeling, she needed all the company she could get. But on the other hand, she was glad She needed to go out and buy something in private.

He left, and Martha went back into her room, getting her purse and keys, then leaving. She walked up the street and straight into the chemist, looking around to see where they kept the pregnancy tests. Martha really felt that she could be pregnant, and even if she wasn’t, she just wanted to confirm it

She paid for the test and started walking home. She met up with Rachel on the way but didn’t dare tell her anything, just incase it wasn’t true.

When she got home, she walked into the bathroom, pulling out the stick and reading the instructions. She did what was told of her then waited. Until it finally beeped, letting her know if she was pregnant or not.

At this moment in time, she really didn’t want to look, but she also knew she couldn’t put it off all day.

Up next: So is she pregnant? Or is she not?

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Sorry, don't have time for a long Comment.

Wow Rosey, I really like this! You have some cute sentences, especially

A deep sleep as some would call it. There mouths were still in a position that a smile could be found.

Good Chapters, please Update soon

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