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Murder, The Stalker and Me

Guest Reo

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Type of story: long or short fiction, see how it goes.

Rating: T/A

Main Characters: Entire Cast, Main Zoe, Joe, Lara, Ric.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Warnings: (VD) (SC) Maybe (L)

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Zoe survived the JM wedding blast and is back. Can the new Detective save the bay or will Zoe use his deep secrets to manipulate him and use him to do her dirty work, can the new Detective stop Zoe at the same time as trying to live his life and relationship, revealing that he is related to some people of the bay and finally keeping his secret a secret and what will he do when people find out about him.. Joe Alexander isn't all he seems.

I have had this idea in my head for awhile,but it has changed over time to give it a actual storyline.

Leah gripped her hand tighter, she felt Dan squeeze back as they both walked behind Peter's coffin, Ryan walked between Dan and Drew, holding onto their hands, old enough to understand that his uncle was dead and this time wasn't coming back. This wasn't like last time where his death was faked so he could go into witness protection, he was really dead, murdered.

Drew walked held onto Ryan's hand, giving him support and taking support from Belle who was holding onto his arm. Drew remembered the last words he said to his father, since his death Drew couldn't help hear those words over and over, day and night, wishing more than anything he had said something else.

'Why don't you just go and drop dead', he didn't mean it.

It was a typical teenage insult to their parents not letting them do something, never believing that it would actually happen. His father was a hero, he was out there risking his life to save others, if it wasn't for him surely more people would of died. For years he had risked his life to stop the stalker, to stop Zoe.

They walked under some tall trees, across the grass, holding onto each other, one foot infront of the other, that's all it was, no-one was in control, it was just one foot infront of another. Their minds racing on what had happened and that he was gone and not coming back, it wasn't real. Lifting their heads up, they could see past Peter's coffin to a crowd of people that had gathered and watched them come towards them, everyone was quiet, everything was quiet.

Everyone stood quiet, quickly trying to scan the room looking for their loved ones, but unable to fully turn their head away from the person that caused death in their community, that wouldn't leave them alone, that caused fear among them. And now she was back, pointing a gun towards Peter, everyone frozen and silent at what Zoe will do next.


Drew walked in the house and quickly sat down on the sofa, pulling off his tie and and staring at the ground, Belle walked over to him and sat close by, holding onto his arm. Leah greeted people and thanked them for coming, showing them to drinks and food that Sally was putting out, while Dan just stood in the hall not noticing or caring what was going on around him, he went through this before and it broke his heart, to go through it again was just torture.

She pulled the trigger back and stared at the man that tried to take her down, she turned at the sound of someone shouting to see Drew run towards her, Zoe shot the gun, Peter did what any father would and dived infront of his son taking the bullet himself, everyone screamed and people ran towards Peter who now laid on the floor.

'Dad', Ryan said holding onto his fathers hand but knowing that he didn't notice.

'Dad, are you okay?' he asked again.

Dan looked up and squeezing his hand, smiling at him but not be able to hold the smile to long before showing how hurt he was, Ryan leaned forward and hugged his father.

Zoe stepped back and saw among them Jack looking at her and coming towards her, she fired the gun into the crowd but he still kept coming, Jack dived at Zoe as another shot went into the air, he fought to pin her down, Zoe struggled and reach her hand towards the gun that she dropped, she felt her fingertips touch the gun, she grabbed it and through her hand around hit Jack in the head and then pushing him off of her body, she got up and ran out.

People were now leaving, Tony said goodbye to Dan while Luc and Matilda tried to say goodbye to Drew. Drew hadn't moved or spoken all day, but Belle never left his side. Dan was the same, only speaking when he was spoken to and then drifting off again. Sally helped Leah clean up, they were not only dealing with the death of Peter but the fear of knowing that Zoe was still out there, ready to come back at any time and no-one there to protect them like Peter did.


Days had past, everything in the Baker house at frozen in time, but the world outside had to carry on. The stalker was still out there and people feared going outside on their own. Tony made breakfast for his sons and daughter, Luc and Matilda sat at the table talking about the stalker, Tony dropped a cup and they turned around. Tony bend down and picked up the pieces when Jack walked in, he bent down infront of Tony and helped him.

'I'll be okay dad', he said knowing what his father was fearing.

Tony looked at him and stood up, not speaking. He couldn't speak, he couldn't confront it. Peter had died trying to stop Zoe and next it could be his son.

Jack walked over to Luc and picked up his shirt that hung on the chair next to him, putting on the shirt he lent down and whispered into Luc's ear.

'Look after dad today' he begged his brother.

Luc looked back at him and then back down to his plate, Jack knew that Luc was also worried about his safety, he pulled out the chair and sat next to him.

'I'll be okay Luc, you know I have to go back to work'.

Luc nodded, Jack put his hand on his shoulder and then looked at Matilda.

'You three just have to look after each other, I'll will see you this afternoon'.

Lara walked towards the police car carrying cups of coffee, Jack reached his hand through the window and took his from her, Lara walked around the other side and got in. They sat there talking about Peter and Zoe.

'What happened with that lead last night, was it her?' Jack asked Lara about a phone call that came in yesterday about a woman that thought she saw Zoe in a abandoned house.

'It wasn't her, it wasn't anyone, just paranoia again'. Lara replied taking the last sip of her coffee.

Jack looked in the mirror and noticed a car behind turning the corner fast and driving quickly past them, Jack started the car and drove off, turning on the sirens and chasing the car that just past them. The car in front pulled over to the side and the man got out, he leaned against the car and looked into the police car. He smiled at Lara who couldn't stop herself smiling back at his cheekiness before getting out of the car and walking up to him. Jack got out of the car and followed.

'Do you have any idea how fast you were going' Jack asked in his best stern cop voice.

'I'm guessing alittle too fast. I'm sorry, I'm new around here, not up to date on the speed limits. It won't happen again'. The man replied, looking past Jack and straight to Lara.

'Can I see your license?' Jack asked him.

'Sure' the man said turning around and leaning into his car to get it.

Lara turned to Jack.

'Do we really need to do this, it's a simple speeding, we need to be keeping a eye out for Zoe'. Lara told Jack.

Jack took the license from the man before quickly looking at it and handing it back, he stared at him for a moment and then let him go with a warning.


Jack and Lara walked back into the station and were shocked to see the man they had just pulled over. He turned and smiled at them, McGrath noticed they had walked in.

'Don't make yourself comfortable, we got another call about Zoe that you need to check out, but while you're here why don't you meet our new Detective'.

The new Detective walked forward and stretched out his hand.

'Hey, Sorry about earlier. I really didn't know the speed limit, I'm Joseph Alexander, you can call me Joe'.

Lara smiled and shook his hand, but Jack held himself back.

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Thanks :D

It should get better when all the action starts.

Zoe coming back and taking action.

Joe revealing who he is related to.

Joe getting into a relationship with someone.

Zoe finding out Joe's secret and using it against him and Joe showing his secret darkside..

Should have alot of twists.

And yes, Peter is really really dead..After all these years he never caught Zoe, she ended up killing herself lol :P So it's time someone else had ago :P

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Thanks :D

I havent written the next chapter yet...I'm alittle sims addicted.. :P

But I should have something soon..I'm not sure when Zoe is coming in though..May have a few small stalkerish moments,but the big stuff will come alittle later.

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Wait no longer :D

'So, we should get going then' Jack more than hinted to Lara.

'Yup, sure'. Lara replied before letting go of Joe's hand and turning away.

'I'll see you later then' Joe said smiling as Lara walked down the hall looking through the window at him.


'I don't see why I have to do this'. Ric complained as he pulled the sofa back into the right position.

'Morag met the guy in the city and they got talking and became friends, he has now moved here and was looking for a place to stay. Morag offered the flat, he accepted. Simple as that'. Alf explained while taking old tins out of the cupboard and putting them into a box.

'Now take this out back and then come back in and help Martha'. Alf said as he watched Ric huff and then pick up the box.

'And stop complaining' he shouted after him.


Joe got out of the car and looked out to the beach, he turned at the sound of whispering behind him, he smiled as he saw a group of schoolgirls walk past. Noticing that Ric had walked downstairs and dropped the box, he ran over.

'Hey, is that the Diner flat?' Joe asked, pointing up.

'Yeah, it is. You're Joe?' Ric asked still not amused that he had to clean up.

'I am, you're Ric, right? Morag told me about you'.

Ric nodded.

'Do you want a hand carrying anything up there?' Ric asked politely but really wanting to be somewhere else.

'No, I'm good. Not much to carry up'.

'Ric!' Alf called down to him.

Joe turned his head and looked up, Alf came down the stairs and shook his hand.

'You must Joe' he said.

'I am, or you could just in the habit of shaking people's hands and calling them a random name' Joe laughed.

Alf chuckled.

'We have nearly finished cleaning the place up and then it's all yours'. Alf said looking at Ric, who then again huffed and walked back up to the flat.

'Okay, thanks. I'll start bringing some stuff up'.

Joe walked to his car and opened the truck.

In the distance hidden in among the shadows of the tree's a tall slim figure stood up but was still hidden by the boats that laid there. She watched as Joe picked out a box from the car and carried it up the stairs. Taking a camera in her hand, she took pictures of her new target, before she smiled and then turned and walked away into deeper, darker shadows.


'Ah! Son of a..B!tch!' Joe screamed as he pulled back his hand faster than he ever did before.

'Are you okay?' Martha asked as she lifted her head above the kitchen counters.

'Fine, just plugging in the tv'. Joe replied through his teeth.

'Nice scream you have there' Lara said as she appeared in the doorway.

Joe stood up, shaking his hand and wiggling his fingers, he smiled as he walked over to her.

'I would rather call it a holler' Joe smiled cheekily at her.

'So, you just come to mock me or ask me out for diner?' Joe said smirking.

'You got some front'. Lara said taking in all his charm.

'I also have a back and some other things' Joe replied and tried to keep his cool as he heard Martha trying to stifle her laugh in the background.

'Sure, dinner. Tonight?' Lara agreed and asked.

'I'm free, I'll see you downstairs about 7?'

'See you then' Lara smiled as she walked away.

Joe looked over to Martha who stood there smiling.

'What?' Joe asked.

'You haven't even been here a day and you have already got a date'.

'And a near death experience'. Joe noted as he went back to the tv.


Zoe walked forward into a dark room, the only light came from the lamp in the corner on a desk, the windows were covered. She lifted her hand and pinned a newly printed photo of Joe onto the wall, above the picture of Peter that now had a red mark where Zoe had shot him. She smiled scanning the wall, pictures of people. Joe, Peter, Jack, Sally, Leah, Dan, Ric, all of the people in the bay that had, in her mind hurt her or her love Sarah. She also had plans on how to make a bomb and a medical printout on the effects of certain drugs. Zoe turned and walked away from the light, she bent down and pulled out a wig from her bag and put it on along with a jumper that had a hood. She opened the door and walked out of a abandoned and run down cottage, into the bright sunlight she got into her car and drove into town.

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