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New cast shot!!

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I think Neighbours is currently really great, I can’t fault any of it. I’m loving the back to basics more character driven stuff and the transitions are really smooth, the scripts are great and the characters all really engaging.

I found a link to the cast of the future: http://i16.tinypic.com/4qz08x5.jpg

I like the look of it, and that adult characters seem a lot more prominent....go Neighbours!!! I think the changes are going to be fantastic, the show's already improved heaps on last year!

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Adam looks as hot as ever :wub:

Mikey is staying :)

Libby looks heaps different :o She looks gorgeous

And a new family. Awesome

I might tune in now :)

Kym (Libby) is not in this new cast photo...yet

She is back on set filming sometime this month but won't be onscreen until October, I think you may be mistaken Kym for Natalie Salebba or Jane Hall.

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Kym (Libby) is not in this new cast photo...yet

Oh that isnt Libby :blush: how embarrasing for me :P Then the chick standing behind Karl must be new as well. Lots of new faces. I likey :)

Oh well, im only going to watch for Adam :wub:

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This is a good a place as any to have a ramble...

I was listenting to the radio just now, and they were interviewing some guy that now has his own band (Dortry, I think), with the 5th most played song in Australia... and they were saying that he was on American Idol but got kicked out in round four. It made me think of Dan O'Connor. He was my favourite Idol in series 2, but he got kicked out in round one... then he got picked up on Neighbours and never looked back. It's crazy how these things work out, eh?

I guess I just mentioned it in here because I'm so happy to see him still in that cast photo. I know a lot of people hate Ned, but I think he's great :)

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