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Never Had A Dream Come True (by Tasha) - comments


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Aww, that was really good Tash! :)

I'm loving the Martha and Hugh friendship; it's so ace. And Hugh is lovely :wub:

So, Martha still loves Jack, Jack's secretly jealous of Hugh and Martha's friendship, Sarah's an insignificant obstacle blocking the path of true love and it's approaching Jack and Martha's one year wedding anniversairy...dinner should be heaps fun :D

This is really great (wish it was longer than a two-parter :wink: ) but can't wait for the meal; let the jealousy and resurfacing of old memories/love commence!!

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You know I love this Tash :)

I love how described the relationship between Hugh and Martha, Hugh's so sweet and adorable, I love him :wub:

Cant wait for the meal now, Marthas going to be shooting daggers into Sarahs head :lol: (well, so to speak lol)

Great first part Tash, looking forward to the next one. Update when you get chance :)

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. Martha then walked back to the apartment with her new best friend (Hugh) on one side, and her one true love (Jack) on the other

I new you'd do something like that :P

That was amazing.

Soo good!!!!!!!!

Well I cant say update

So that was really good and im sad its ended


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