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The Heart Brings You Back

Guest Stevie

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Type of story: Long fic

Rating: A

Main Characters: Amanda, Peter, Dan and Ryan

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: V,L

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: This follows their lives and relationships before they came to Summer Bay. Amanda is married to Dan. However there is an obvious attraction between her and his brother, Peter.

Chapter 1

Dan paced back and forth, in the lounge room of his Los Angeles home, checking his watch every few minutes. Where was she? Why wasn’t she home? This was the third time this week. Suddenly he heard keys at the door and in she walked.

“Amanda!” He yelled, “do you know what time it is?”

“It’s not that late Dan, lighten up,” she replied.

“That’s all you’ve got to say?” He replied in shock, “Ryan has been asking why you weren’t home to put him to bed. You do remember Ryan, don’t you. You know, your son.”

“Yes, I know my own son Dan.” She replied angrily. “I just had some stuff to do.”

“Sure stuff,” he said, raising his voice. “Lately you’ve been neglecting him a lot.”

“Excuse me?!” She shouted.

“Yesterday you forgot that you were taking him to the shops, and last week you forgot that you had to pick him up from my parents place.” He said angrily.

“I’ve been busy,” she said, “you know, trying to advance my career.”

“Oh yes, your career.” He replied mockingly, “who could forget your precious acting career?”

“It’s my dream!” She argued.

“And we’re your family!” He yelled, his temper getting the better of him. “You’re just so damn selfish Amanda! You’re putting your acting career in front of me, and you’re son!”

They both stopped yelling and just looked at each other. How did they turn out like this? This was a common occurrence in their household. All they did was argue and it was putting a strain on their relationship.

“And, I made dinner for you and everything.” Dan said, finally breaking the silence.

“I’ve already eaten,” Amanda replied softly.

“Good, because I had to throw it out,” he said glumly.

“What happened to us Dan?” Amanda asked.

“I guess we just want different things,” he replied.

“But, I still want you,” she said quietly.

“I want you too,” he assured her. “We just need to work through these issues.”

“Ok,” she said, “but I need you to know that acting is important to me.”

“And I need you to know that your family should be important to you too.” He responded.

“You are!” She said, putting her arms around him, “you are.”

“Ok, we need to make time for each other then,” Dan said, holding her close, “and for Ryan.”

“Agreed,” she replied, “but I’m tired now, so I’m gonna head of to bed.”

“Umm, ok then.” He replied as she kissed him and headed off to bed, “I’ll be in soon.”

He sat by himself, going over everything in his head. Maybe if he appreciated her more, maybe if he supported her more, he thought to himself. Then he decided, from that moment on he was going to be a better husband. Then maybe she’ll put us first.

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Thanks :D and here's the next chapter

Chapter 2

There was a knock at the door so Amanda went to answer it

“Oh, hey Peter,” she said cheerfully. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to meet Dan,” he replied. “We’re meant to be having a boy’s night.”

“Oh, yeah, he should be home soon,” she said, “come in.”

“Thanks,” he replied, closing the door behind him.

“I’ll just be a second,” she told him as she went into the kitchen.

A few seconds later she emerged from the kitchen carrying a stool. She placed it next to a shelf and stood on it.

“Umm… What are you doing?” Peter asked curiously.

“I’m just getting a cookbook down,” she replied. “It’s the only way I can reach it.”

“Wait, you’re cooking something?” He asked her mockingly.

“Haha Peter, very funny,” she replied, feigning amusement. “Actually, I’m trying to cook something.”

The two of them laughed.

“Be careful Amanda.” Peter warned her.

However, just as he said it he began to see the stool she was on rock. He ran towards her quickly, getting there just in time to catch her as she fell off the stool.

As he held her in his arms, he felt old feelings rushing back to him. They looked into each other’s eyes, and it was obvious to both of them that the feeling was mutual.

Amanda was the first to speak. “Umm, thanks Peter.” She said, breaking the silence, “but I think you can put me down now.”

“What?!” Oh yeah.” He stammered as he put her down gently.

They gazed into each other’s eyes once again, and it felt as though a fire had ignited inside of them. Neither of them could deny it, and neither of them could control it. Without thinking, Amanda leant in and kissed Peter, and to both of their surprise, Peter kissed her back! As they kissed passionately, both of them felt complete, it just felt so right. Suddenly Peter pulled away.

“Sorry,” he said, trying to compose himself.

“No, I’m sorry,” Amanda replied, fixing herself up, “it was me.”

“Trust me, it wasn’t just you,” Peter assured her.

At that moment, Dan came home.

“Oh hey Pete,” he began. “Sorry I’m late.”

“No worries,” Peter responded, feeling extremely guilty. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yep, just gotta do one thing,” he said as he went over to Amanda and kissed her. “Done, let’s go.”

“Bye!” Amanda called out after them as they left.

Once they had gone, Amanda let out a sigh. What had just happened?

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