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Absolutely love it, Oxidizer!! :D

The description, dialogue, emotion - everything was written fantastically! I love how you've introduced a couple of new characters, it all flows brilliantly, and I can't wait for more! :D :D :D

PS - why am I not surprised that Eve and Tracey are in this? :P

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Yay, it's finally up. That was excellent as always, Andy. I can't help it, I'm biased. Very intriguing. Peter being all angsty is good.

I swear, I now have a problem with Peter/Zoe being enemies again lol.

I have to agree with Ali. The writing really flowed. The whole sequence was really awesome.

Update soon.

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I'm glad you're looking forward to it. :D

I'm working on the next part on and off, which should hopefully be up later tonight, tomorrow at the latest. Until then here's a teaser (Peter centric):

Peter clenched his jaw as he used the mouse to scroll through the files attached to the e-mail - they were photographs of Drew's attack. He was knocked unconscious, faced-down on the dirt track; his face was lit up by the camera's flash, erasing any doubt in the pained detective's mind that it could've been a look-a-like. "What was that you were saying about overreacting?"

"I'll inform CID." Isaac stammered, making a hasty exit from the room as Officer Davis stood at Peter's side, looking at the photographs on the computer.

"Okay, so I underestimated Gillan's determination for vengeance," Luke empathised and tried to reassure the worn-out blonde that they were on top of things. "But it's nothing to be overly concerned about." Peter shot his head up in response and glared. Maybe I could've worded that better. "We'll deal with it accordingly; you shouldn't work yourself up so much."

"I can't believe I'm hearing this!" Peter snapped. "Look at the screen, that's my son, knocked unconscious!" he pointed to the screen aggressively, making Luke cringe. "If someone can do that and take photos of it, what the hell else are they capable of?"

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