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    love music (with a passion),reading,some soaps,films,card games,information technology,the paranormal,

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  1. Hi thought i'd leave u ya 1st comment x

  2. Happy birthday mate The big 21 you only get it once live it to the full chin chin
  3. I laughed my head off for ten minutes when that potatoe went flying through Ians window and phil made me crack right up, hilarious stuff
  4. The chapter you posted before lunch or should i say i read at lunchtime was great. It is normal to run out of ideas at times, I could give you a few ideas if you gave me an idea of where your trying to go with it
  5. I know so you have never written a bad chapter in any fic yet
  6. Excellent as always Reo hope Mrs Meedle wasnt "shattered" by her expierience . Cant wait for more this is great just like FD
  7. Another excellent treat, sorry it took me such a long time to get back to you sweety, been a busy tiring day for me.... Look forward to later today the woods the woods....The old fashion woods legendary for corpses
  8. I suppose thats logical LMAO doesnt his conscience get to him though?
  9. Wow i got home in time, for this treat, I like The name Kayleigh i always said I would call my daughter that as one of five names if i had one. Im sorry but I had to giggle at that last bit there with Ric It reads like " oh well someones been killed easy come easy go all that killing has made me hungry call me when dinners done" LOL!!! Excellent as always Reo
  10. It's official Rick has lost it please save me now lol. Anyway look forward to more
  11. Am i going insane or do i recall a Wesley from your other fic ? please say the latter Lol
  12. Yep hence why i used world famous **** I didnt think you would of heard of Children of ravensback it is very rare To get hold of it was made in the early 80's. About a group of kids who;s school bus past through a yellow cloud . they came out a group of "best friends" who loved nothing more than to dispose of adults and "friends" who let the side down nasty stuff. Your definately onto another good one here Reo look forward to more
  13. Excellent your onto another winning here for sure. It gave me the creeps for the simple fact it has subtle echoes of the scariest film i have ever seen It is rare but look it up on google you may even find some clips " The children of ravensback". Cassie is dead already and your only opening up . Swearing is occasionally needed to get strong issues across It is rare to see a horror film without at least 3 sh**s and a fair few F'S
  14. I look forward to more of your stories. how he survived........ could be something like the gun was loaded with rubber bullets and he had tomatoe ketchup in a bag down the side of his shirt and when he leant on the pump it pushed it out of the bag,
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