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These Little Wonders

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Story Title: These Little Wonders

Type of story: undecided

Main Characters: Jack, Martha & Kim

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: none

Summary: It is about Martha and Kim who are together and love in the city. They decide to move back to the bay when a family member dies. Jack is single.

This is a joint fic between me and Kaciexox

Chapter 1

Martha and Kim were putting the last things in to the boxes for the removalists to take. They were Bothe going to Kims home town of Summer bay because his father had just died of a heart attack. They both decided to move there permantly because he remembered it as a beautiful place where everyone was laid back and nice. Both Martha and Kim decided that they needed to slow down for a while and relax. The bay was going to be the perfect place for that.

Mean while back in the bay

Jack had just broken up from his girlfriend of a year, Hayley, because he cheated on him with andrew who was suppose to be his best friend and she decided after a month that it was a good time to let Jack know so they could break it off. He had thought that she was the "one". With her, he was in love. He didnt know if he would ever feel that way with anyone again.

Back in the city

Kim and Martha had just finished packing, had closed the door and said goodbye to their constantly rushed and fast lives. They were now on their way to Summer Bay. Unknown to them it had been named the most unluckiest town by the residents...

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