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Fooling Who?

Guest beckyboo

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Story Title: Fooling who?

Type of story: Short Fic

Main Characters: Jack and Martha and Lucas and Ash

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: What happens when all four love different people

Thanks to Sian for the name :P

Ok I know you will all hate me Tasha more than others but here goes:


Jack was lying in bed next to Martha and was thinking of the days events.

He had seen Martha and his brother Lucas sitting down in a secluded part of the beach acting like a perfect couple, he should have felt angry and hurt and upset because the woman he loved was having an affair with his own brother but he didt he felt…..Happy.

You see Martha and Jack was not the most perfect of relationships and well they were now both regretting the decisions they had made because you see:

Martha was in love with Lucas and Jack was in love with someone else but didt know how to break the news to her.

Jack and Ash had been friends since they were little boys and then when they grew up to be teenagers they started a secret relationship but then Jack had to be transferred he thought he was a teenager at the time and all that would change.

He then met his wife; she was the most stunning thing he had ever seen so of course he thought she could turn him straight. Then Ash turned up and everything changed Jack was terrified of Martha finding out his secret that he proposed to her and she didt have the heart to say no even though he heart lay with someone else.

Their wedding was perfect they had no interruptions in the church like both Jack and Martha thought there would be the whole day ran smoothly; Ash and Lucas were both stood beside Jack each of the dieing to speak out for the one they loved.

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Don't forget who sent the dvd and fancard to you.

I'm gonna go search for it now and get it back because anyone who writes cr@p like this dusn't deserve it.

I hate you Becky! Never speaking to you again.

That better be a bloody oneshot. Now I know why there hasn't been a update on your other fic you were to busy writing this rubbish.

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