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Fooling Who?

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It certainly is different! I think its kind of sweet- Jack and Ashs' relationship :ph34r: Not too sure about Luc and Martha though...I've always seen them more as brother/sister material, so reading about them as a couple is kinda strange!

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Becky. Me no likey. :ph34r:.

I join Sam and Tasha. End it whilst you can. To save yourself from something that you don't want to get involved in. Save yourself...now! :P

Follow your heart...Jack and Martha Together Forever. You know you believe it too! :wink:

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Don't forget who sent the dvd and fancard to you.

I'm gonna go search for it now and get it back because anyone who writes cr@p like this dusn't deserve it.

I hate you Becky! Never speaking to you again.

That better be a bloody oneshot. Now I know why there hasn't been a update on your other fic you were to busy writing this rubbish.

The aggressions coming out there isnt it :P

Becky, as you know, I was all for the idea of a gay Jack (cause im wierd like that :P lol)

But then I read it and find out its Ashton! :blink:

Im sorry, but im just not down with that!

Couldnt you have put Jack with someone atleast half decent!? :P

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