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To reach for stars, actor needs cash

Guest Andy

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To reach for stars, actor needs cash

Sun Herald, 15 April 2007

By Angela Cuming

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SYDNEY actor Gyton Grantley has set his sights on a new project - launching himself into space.

The Home And Away star, who lives in Bondi, wants to book a seat on one of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space flights.

So Grantley has set up a website, www.sendgytospace.com , to raise the $200,000 he needs to pay for the ticket.

People around the world can donate $1 each to the cause via a PayPal system or by depositing money into a bank account set up for the venture.

"When I was in year 3 at primary school I told my teacher I was going to be the first Australian astronaut to go to space," he said.

"Andy Thomas beat me to it and I found out you had to be good at maths to become an astronaut, but at least this way I will still get close."

Virgin Galactic has plans to fly hundreds of people into sub-orbital space from 2008. The travellers will be transported to about 100 kilometres above the earth and experience weightlessness.

But will the would-be spaceman really reach for the stars if he raises the cash?

"Of course I will," he said. "This isn't a joke or a scam, I am serious and would pay for it myself if I had the money.

"I am hoping that everyone out there donates from the goodness of their hearts to see my dream fulfilled."

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Selfish much?Save up your own money,don't expect others to folk it out when their are other much more worthwhile causes to be donating to,dude!

If you do the funky chicken dance and televise it then i'll consider it.Maybe.

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